How Do I Keep My Garage Dry?

The average percentage of people tend to keep the garage as their workshop, a storage compartment, and obviously for vehicles. So keeping the garage place holds the utmost importance to a homeowner. Why is it …

The average percentage of people tend to keep the garage as their workshop, a storage compartment, and obviously for vehicles. So keeping the garage place holds the utmost importance to a homeowner.

Why is it so important?

Well, as you know, the garage is a concealed place and has a low ventilation system indoors. So naturally, the garage place tends to have increased humidity levels indoors, which can ruin your workshop and damage the goods stored inside the garage. So you should take necessary precautions to keep your garage place as dry as possible.

Keeping your garage dry and humidity level at its minimum is a simple but continuous job, where you need to be vigilant. Don’t worry; with a few applied methods, you too can keep your garage place dry and moisture-free. For that, you need to go through every inch of this article.

What’re we waiting for? Let’s dig in, shall we?

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What’s The Cause Behind The Increased Humidity In Your Garage

We all know that our garage place tends to get dumpy floors and walls. But ever asked yourself what’s the cause behind it? Just so you know, figuring out the reason behind a problem is a good step forward towards solving it.

Dumpy garage walls and floors are caused by two possible ways like increased humidity and a low ventilation system. And as far as we know, both are ever-present inside your garage place. Thus, causing your garage to be dumpy and moisturized.

Now that we’ve found the cause, let’s figure out a solution.

Placing A Dehumidifier In Your Garage- Is It A Good Idea?

If you are looking for a way to keep your garage dry, then you must’ve heard about the dehumidifier device.  A dehumidifier is an excellent device to control air humidity in a confined place.
Getting the best garage dehumidifier is a one-time investment that you won’t regret. Because with you’ll be able to remove the increased moisture in the air and keep an even temper inside your garage place. So that you can keep your workshop and its tools intact.

Ways To Keep Your Garage Dry

For your garage, it’s crucial to have the lowest amount of humidity indoors. As you keep your different working tools and vehicle inside, a high moisture level can lead to harming your working tools and the garage place. 

To prevent it from happening, you can try out these ways given below in the current segment.  

Eliminate Your Garage Clutter: 

It’s natural to have a messy garage. Just so you know, this clutter inside your garage place isn’t helping to keep the place dry. Because it prevents proper airflow in the garage.

If the air can’t flow properly, it’s easier to get a dumpy garage wall and floor. To prevent it from happening, you need to organize the existing equipment inside the garage place so that the place can have better airflow. 

Use A Vapor Barrier:

You should know if the moisture level is too high in your garage, it can cause mold growth in your garage’s interior walls, which isn’t a good sign. Because mold growth can lead to permanent damage.

To prevent it, you can use a vapor barrier in your garage’s interior walls. It shields your garage wall and prevents the interior heat from escaping. Also, a vapor barrier reduces the internal wall’s moisture, thus, preventing mold growth.     

Install An Exhaust Fan:

Needless to say, a garage has a low ventilation system, which prevents proper airflow indoors. As you can see, it’s a big problem when it comes to keeping your garage place dry.

No worries, you can remedy this problem with ease, by installing several exhaust fans. So that airflow current can come in and out smoothly. As the exhaust fans improve the air ventilation, it prevents the humidity level from building up in the air, thus, keeping your garage dry.

Inspect Your Drainage:

Are you aware of this fact? Generally, the drain pipes go through your garage walls and floors. You need to inspect those pipes’ surfaces from time to time if there are any leakage and water drippings. 

These leakage and water drops can ruin the garage surface foundation. To prevent it, you need to ensure the garage’s surface drain isn’t leaking.

Apply Floor Coating:

The polyaxial floor coating will reduce the considerable amount of humidity level from the garage surface. As you know the garage wall tends to get moisturized because of low airflow.

A plastic floor coating in your garage walls can prevent the internal wall from getting wet, thus helping it to stay dry.   

Get A Dehumidifier:

A dehumidifier works wonders when it comes to reducing the humidity level in the air. It collects moisture particles in a separate container and clears the air and makes it more breathable.

If you install a dehumidifier in your garage, you don’t just have a proper method to keep your garage dry; also, you can breathe more clean air indoors. In doing so, you won’t feel suffocated while working in your garage.

Seal Cracks:

Over time your garage place tends to create cracks here and there, especially in the driveways. Through these cracks, water can start seeping inside your garage. It’s essential to repair those cracks to keep your garage place dry.

You can use a waterproof sealing agent to cover up those cracked places in your garage’s interior and exterior walls.

How To Keep Your Garage Dry In Wet Weathers

Keeping your garage dry is easy during the summer season, but in wet weather like the winter and rainy season, it gets challenging. First, you must be really careful and vigilant to prevent the snow and rainwater from getting in the garage.

In such situations, besides the above methods, you need to add a few extra pieces of equipment to keep your garage dry. Such as a heater. To keep your garage dry in wet weather like a rainy day or snowing weather, you can follow up on these methods given below.

Dry Your Wet Vehicle: 

Whenever you go out with your vehicle in rainy or snowy weather, naturally, your can would get wet. Don’t bring your car while it’s wet. Wait for a bit and let it dry before parking your vehicle in your garage. 

Install A Heater

In wet weather like rainy or snowing, the temperature tends to drop drastically. Keeping an even temperature indoor is crucial in your home as well as in the garage. For such a reason, you can install a heater to keep the temperature even, inside your garage.

Make Sure The Garage Doors Shut Tightly

In wet weather, it’s essential to have your garage doors shut so that rainwater or snow don’t get in. be sure your garage doors are closed correctly. If it doesn’t, they make the necessary repairs. Because if any gap remains in your garage doors, water will enter, thus, preventing your garage from staying dry.

Last Words

To keep your garage dry, there is none more effective than a dehumidifier. It comes in a compact size which doesn’t take up much garage space; also, it can keep your garage place dehumidified.

By now, you’ve gone through the whole article and are aware of all the methods we had to offer. We’ve provided you with knowledge; the rest is up to you.   Although with these methods, you have a better chance of keeping your garage place clean and dry.

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