People desire to have successful occupations that pay well. Apart from this, everyone also wishes to earn maximum with the highest security. However, everything comes with little payoff. If you want to make more, there will be little risk. This risk can be life or job security. However, the pay for these jobs is very high. 

Read through the following list of 5 professions that pay surprisingly well but are risky in many aspects.

Pilot for airlines

Despite extremely uncommon crashes, flying may be safer than driving. However, pilots do occasionally sustain injuries. Back pain is the most frequent injury among pilots, undoubtedly made worse by the extra time spent on flight decks. However, the reward could very well outweigh the risks. The highest of all our dangerous vocations, airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers earn the most significant annual salaries.

However, according to some studies, if you accumulate enough experience and flying time, your annual salary with significant airlines might reach $200,000 or more. 

Private Investigator

Finding information sometimes requires a lot of effort. Most injuries suffered by them occur in car accidents and physical fights. Even yet, the totals are still low. Hence, their highest-paying salary is justified because of the risk. The capacity to learn on the job is a requirement for most detective work, and prior relevant work experience is a plus. You also need a license in most states, and other conditions change from place to place. Additionally, if you have a specialty in a particular area—say, insurance fraud or computer forensics—some corporate investigators may require a related bachelor’s degree.

An athlete

Your body may get worn out if your profession involves intense physical activity. Sprains, strains, and rips account for more than half of athletes’ injuries. But what’s minor wear and tear when you are paid to play the game you love?

Additionally, the above-average compensation is a plus. Players can do extra savings with the compensation amount. Sports professions are sometimes transient and offer little security. The average professional athlete’s basic pay, which includes $222,275 for the NFL, was $115,429 as of April 2022.

Police officer

The police job is a hazardous profession. Of all the occupations on this list, police employees have the highest rate of fatal workplace accidents. Even so, the death rate is only 186 per 100,000 workers, comparable to the rate for cab drivers.

But the pay is excellent and worth every tear and sprain. To be an officer, you must be at least 21 years old. It is also listed as one of the top 25 jobs that are risky yet high paying on the Indeed job search portal.

On average, a police officer’s base pay in the United States is $55,390. Officers with fewer than a year of experience can earn $46,900, while those with ten or more years of experience can earn $76,650. San Jose, California’s officers earn an average of $131,000, making it the highest-paying city. 53% of police officers claim that their incomes are sufficient to cover the cost of living in their community.

Machine in charge in mines

It should be no surprise that exploiting the Earth’s resources can seriously sap your life force. In 2011, there were 92 fatalities and 3,990 injuries among extraction workers, a broad category of workers who mine and drill for oil, gas, coal, and the like. Additionally, while some extraction occupations provide little income in exchange for the hazards involved, the money for some mining machine operators is more alluring.

The minimum amount of education is needed to get started. But as a mining engineer, you may expect to make more money and enjoy more safety if you enter the industry with a college degree. You can take the help of confined space training to learn the skills required for your safety.

As of April 2022, the average national income for mining engineers—who assess mining regions and develop subterranean systems of entry, exits, and tunnels—will exceed $97,000. Their work is hazardous since they frequently work close to large machinery and risk being wounded in a cave-in. But the pay scale is immense and justifies all the risks.


These are the top five highest-paying jobs that are risky also. Risk to life and career is also there, but the pay scale is very high. You can earn more money than a regular 9 to 5 corporate job with one of the above options. You can avoid all the risks by becoming more careful during work hours. So if you are a risk taker, then go for one of these jobs. It can change everything for you.


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