Does Your Home Lack Comfort? Here Is What Needs To Be Changed

The home is where happiness is! The phrase “at home” hadn’t arisen by chance; it rather tells us how important a good home is to shape and nurture our lives.  After a hectic work day, …

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The home is where happiness is!

The phrase “at home” hadn’t arisen by chance; it rather tells us how important a good home is to shape and nurture our lives. 

After a hectic work day, a long tour, or an exhausting festival, we seek only two things that seem like gifts from heaven: homemade food and our bedroom with the best comfortable bed in the world.

Home comfort is one of the pillars of interior design but is often neglected. A comfortable home isn’t equal to a shiny new home full of brand-new luxurious gadgets and expensive home decor items. Often, the older the home is, the cozier it feels to us; because home isn’t the building, it’s also the stories of people who’ve lived before. 

And if your home is lacking that warmth presently, worry not. You just need to get these tips and tricks to make it the best home in the universe.

9 Tips to Make Your Home Extra Comfortable

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1. Natural light

natural light in hone

LED lights are great, and even those can imitate the sunlight, but the natural sun rays entering your windows in the morning are winners anyway.

It’s proven that exposure to natural light helps us relax, lifts our mood, and is also good for bodily cycles and metabolism.

2. Insulation and air passage

Forget stuffed summer rooms that feel like dungeons. Air conditioners and stand fans are not the permanent solutions here.

First, solve your home insulation insufficiency and HVAC issues with some professionally installed insulations.  

3. Air drafts

Even if you live in an old house, that doesn’t mean you have to bear with shivers, chills, and frozen rooms all winter. On the contrary, a cold house can negatively affect your mental well-being and quality of life. 

Fix cold air drafts by sealing up air leaks in the floor, roof, and around the window frame as well. 

4. Curtains

Fabric curtains are equally effective for both securing insulation and creating a vibrant, homely environment. Blinds are effective for city dwellers with lots of light outside, and often these provide noise cancellation too. 

Invest in pastel-colored cotton curtains to get a soothing, calm, and relaxing vibe suitable for your home. 

5. Declutter

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. So clean up the mess around. Be it those dishes in the sink, unwashed laundry, or trash bag that was never taken out, clear the random clutter around every corner of your home. Give away the things you don’t need; surround yourself with only the necessary items and the ones you love. Minimalism is the way of life. 

6. Warm carpets

Cold floors giving chills under the feet now and then is among the worst experiences of winter. Cover your open floor space with comfy warm carpets. Now, often on wooden and tiled floors, gaps around the foundation of the house give passage to cold air flowing inside your room. Add area rugs to seal these pockets. A layer of statement rugs on top of a premium carpeted floor gives grandeur and extra warmth. 

7. Pillows and cushions

What do you need after a busy, exhausting day? Sleep, right? Make your bedtime fun when you pamper yourself with plush pillows, boucles, and comfy neutral cushions with luxury towels and covers. Don’t settle for less; only get premium quality Handcrafted Homewares Australia to take your leisure one level higher. You deserve it. 

8. Go green

Indoor plants not only give a soothing look, but they are also good for improving your indoor air quality. 

You don’t have to be a gardening maestro to go green. Get some easy-to-grow houseplants like pothos from the nearest nursery or fresh-cut flowers to make you feel energetic and comfortable. 

9. Bathtub

The bathroom is a great place to relax, anyway. Imagine indulging yourself in a long, warm, bubbly bath floating in a luxurious tub. This takes your traditional home comfort to unmatched standards. A stunning jacuzzi or roll-top bathtub in your bathroom is comfortable and a prized possession to flex. 

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy a great evening! Happy home decor! 

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