Coming home after a very long, tiring day can be a very exhausting, right? What would one want after such a busy day? One surely would want to get in their bed and sleep off immediately. 

However, if one has an ordinary mattress, one’s chances of getting a sound and peaceful sleep might be zero. Because for a comfortable sleep, the mattress type matters the most. 

And, if you have an interest in getting yourself one of the most wonderful types of mattresses, then you must read this piece of writing and decide what you want.

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8 Wonderful Types of Mattresses 

Puffy Lux Mattress:

Puffy lux mattress has always been known for its amazing quality in the world of mattresses. There is no doubt about its amazing quality as it is an award-winning mattress. This mattress has a lifetime warranty, and it fits perfectly into different types of frames. 

What makes the users love this mattress is the fact that it is suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies. puffy lux mattress features a cover that is hypoallergenic and eliminates allergy triggers. 

Plus, it does not support dust buildup and keeps the dust away from your mattress. Do you want to know about puffy lux vs purple? Let’s jump to purple mattress now. 

Purple Plus Mattress:

If you are looking for comfort, style, and support all in one mattress, then you should buy a purple mattress because reviews show that the Purple plus mattress is one of the best when you are in need of a nice comfortable mattress. 

This mattress has a unique quality of providing extraordinary cushioning with lesser bounce. In addition, the cool layers keep the heat away while you sleep in. Plus, it’s best for the cradling of your pressure points as that’s what makes any sleep sound and peaceful.

Helix midnight:

Being an overall beneficial mattress, Helix midnight is at the top of our list. What makes it an all-rounder is the fact that it is above all in terms of quality, price, and features. 

Helix midnight promotes style and comfort hand in hand. People with back pain and joint pains should try this mattress as it has reportedly reduced pain for many users. This medium-range firm mattress is a hybrid type and can guarantee sound sleep for all types of sleepers. 

Helix’s foam plus memory foam layers collectively find your pressure points and ensure a peaceful sleep.

Dreamcloud Mattress:

When it comes to the most comfortable mattresses, the dreamcloud mattress comes at the top of the list. As the name implies, it is known for providing a comfortable and dreamy sleep to its users. Its medium firm nature is suitable for side and back sleepers mostly. 

Dream Cloud mattress has a layer of poly foam and gel memory foam. This memory foam provides support to the pressure points and gives you a very comfortable night. 

Moreover, this foam is more about bounce than contouring which gives your body more plush and support. And the best thing about this mattress is its luxury cashmere cover which is breathable and soft.

Softer Wink Bed Mattress:

A softer wink bed mattress is best for people who love to sleep on the side. What makes them best for side sleepers is the fact that their support system is zoned and supports spinal alignment. 

Moreover, if you are a side sleeper and you need a mattress that doesn’t run hot pretty quickly, then a softer wink bed mattress can be a perfect choice for you. It has a gel-infused layer that gives a cool effect even if you do not change sides frequently. 

Also, users love the mattress for its motion-absorbing feature, which is very important for undisturbed sleep.

Brooklyn bedding Aurora Hybrid

Brooklyn bedding aurora hybrid is one of the most amazing mattresses as it comes with three firmness options to choose from (firm, medium firm, and medium soft). 

If you have a hot sleep, then the Aurora hybrid mattress is a must-have for you as it has a built-in cooling feature making it best for you if you run hot while sleeping. Moreover, this mattress has a thick coil core and layers for extra support and cushioning balance. 

Plus, if you have an inclination towards strong-edged support, then you can buy this amazing mattress on our recommendation.

Nolah Evolution 15:

Couples usually have to co-sleep; thus, they need a comfortable mattress that doesn’t disturb each other’s sleep. Nolah evolution 15 is our best pick for couples who want an amazing and relaxing mattress. 

This mattress has zoned coils for extra body support and pain-free sleep. Its graphite-infused feature makes it very cool to sleep on if your body turns hot pretty quickly while sleeping. 

Moreover, the evolution 15 mattress has three firmness options and has a very breathable nature. However, it’s quite thick and is suitable for those who would like to sleep on a thick mattress.

Bear Elite Hybrid:

The bear elite hybrid mattress is the best bet for people who are more into the luxury mattress. This amazing mattress is super comfortable and comes in handy if you are a very hot sleeper. 

Bear elite hybrid mattress has a temperature neutrality feature ( due to the use of super cool fabric) that will keep you cool throughout the night. Moreover, Its memory foam layer and coils will give your extra back support and will also promote pressure relief. 

Further, it comes in three firmness options and is best for couples and all types of sleepers.


In conclusion, a sound and peaceful, dreamy sleep would only be possible if you choose the best mattress. 

What you should look for while buying a mattress for yourself are the quality and features that the mattress offers. 

The key is to go through all the features and then compare them on equal grounds and choose the best for you. Also, give our list of 8 wonderful types of mattresses a read and let us know which one suits your liking the best.


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