A tiny house can be a charming addition to your garden, giving you private space away from your home to use however you like. Whether you want to use the tiny house for a hobby or garden shed, you just want a living space separate from the main house, or you want to rent out the tiny house, here are some tips to help you build a great tiny house in your garden.

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Provide Great Airflow and Temperature Control

One of the most charming aspects of a tiny house in the garden is how it feels like it blends in with the garden space. To create this effect, make sure to include large windows that can be opened to allow for excellent airflow. 

Fans can also be helpful in making sure the tiny house never feels stuffy. You’ll want to have the windows open and enjoy the sounds and smells of the garden as often as the weather allows.

Inevitably, a time will come when it is too hot or cold to enjoy your tiny house without temperature control. A wall air conditioner such as a PTAC Unit is the perfect solution. A wall AC unit is affordable, easy to install, and works quickly to heat or cool your tiny house whenever you want it to.

Include Plenty of Windows

You want lots of windows from which to enjoy the view of your garden from your tiny house. You may even want to build a solarium onto the tiny house design so that the beauty of the garden will seem to flow seamlessly into the tiny house. 

A wall of sliding glass doors is another great way to make it feel like the tiny house is a part of the garden. Make sure that there are curtains or blinds which are easy to pull to provide privacy as needed. 

If the tiny house will be lived in and climate controlled for long periods, it’s a good idea to provide blackout curtains or blinds so that the intensity of the sun can be blocked out part of the time, reducing cooling costs.

Use High-Quality Materials

A tiny house doesn’t use very much of any kind of material, so you may be able to afford to use a higher quality material than you’d expect. You can often find high-quality scrap material that’s appropriately sized for a tiny house extremely affordably. 

Because you spend so much time in one space in a tiny house, you’ll likely find that you look at the materials that you used to build the tiny house a lot. You may regret using low-quality materials. 

On the other hand, you’ll really appreciate the look of quality wood, granite, etc. in the light from your garden. Quality materials can truly elevate a tiny house.

Don’t Do Too Much

One of the most common mistakes in building tiny houses is trying to fit everything that would be in a full-sized house into a tiny package. However, too many interior walls, too much furniture, and generally overdoing it in a tiny house will give the space a claustrophobic feel. A cluttered, tight space can be difficult to live in. 

Even if you’ll be renting out your garden tiny house or someone will be living in it full time, err on the side of minimalism. Pocket doors or barn doors can be great to separate primary living spaces from the bedroom or bathroom so that you don’t have to accommodate space for a door. Use a bed that can double as a couch, tables that can fold up or turn into furniture, and other techniques to provide the essentials of a home without filling your tiny house with stuff. 

Integrate It With Your Garden

Much of the fun of building a tiny house in your garden is how adorable it looks from the house. Lean into the features that make it look like a miniature house. Build a little patio, provide landscaping or a minuscule garden around the patio, or be playful with a welcome mat and door knocker. 

A patio for your tiny house isn’t just a cute accessory, especially if someone will be living in the house for longer periods. It’s also an important addition to the square footage of the tiny house where you can sit out and enjoy the garden from a different angle. 

Furthermore, the patio provides space to knock dirt off your feet as you enter the tiny house, which is important when trying to keep such a small space clean. 

Enjoy Having a Tiny House in Your Garden

Having a tiny house in your garden can be a lot of fun or even a potential source of revenue if you’d like to rent it out part or full time. You may be surprised by how easy it really is to build a tiny house in your garden that you’ll love. 

Make sure to provide good air circulation and temperature control, plenty of windows, and use quality materials, but don’t overdo it. Done properly, a tiny house is a beautiful and charming addition to your garden that you’ll enjoy looking at from the house, as well as being a useful space in its own right. 


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