A Hot Take on How to Choose the Best Weighted Blanket

Did you know that 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping at night? If you’re struggling to relax, fall asleep, or stay asleep, just know you aren’t alone. You’ve probably been given a lot of advice …

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Did you know that 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping at night?

If you’re struggling to relax, fall asleep, or stay asleep, just know you aren’t alone. You’ve probably been given a lot of advice about how to sleep better at night, and if you feel like you’ve tried everything, don’t give up on us yet.

Investing in a weighted blanket might just be the solution you’re looking for. Even if you don’t struggle to sleep, there are many benefits to using one. 

Now you’re probably wondering how to choose the best weighted blanket. We are here to tell you. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know from cost to how it works and even where to find them!

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Benefits of Weight Blankets

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There have been studies on weight blankets. It’s been proven to help people with ADHD relax and sleep through the night. 

They are also recommended for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and have a lot of anxiety. If you have depression and bipolar disorder, they can also be helpful not only for falling asleep but also for staying asleep. 

How It Works

The weight of the blanket makes people feel more secure. It can be comforting and a natural way to fall asleep. People tend to fall asleep faster and move around less in their sleep. 

Picking the Right Weight 

Not all weighted blankets weigh the same. You’ll want to choose one based on your size.

The rule most people follow is to purchase one that is 10% of your body weight. If you’re 130 pounds, a blanket that weighs about 13 pounds will be best.

You can buy one that weighs a little more or a little less, it’s based on your preferences. Be cautious about going up in weight too much; you don’t want to feel trapped or uncomfortable under your blanket. 

You’ll also want to think about your height and bed size. They do come in different dimensions, so be sure to check before you buy a weighted blanket. 

Where to Purchase 

When you’re getting ready to buy your blanket, you’ll want to be sure your purchase is from a reputable company, especially if you’re buying online. In-person you’ll be able to feel the weight of the blanket, but it can be easy to get scammed online since you can’t physically feel how much it weighs. 

Checking online reviews is an easy way to see if a company is good. People tend to be brutally honest when they’re leaving online reviews. You can always take your time and compare other companies and check multiple brands.

The company will also need to carry the weight that you want/need. Some places may have one size and weight, while others will have a wide selection. 

The Price Ranges 

The prices can range from under $50 to over $150. If you’ve never used one before, you may want to start out with one that is less expensive. After you’ve used it for a while, then you can upgrade. 

Things to Consider

There are some blankets that are filled with glass beads and others are made with poly pellets. The glass beads are smaller and heavier than the other filling. This means the blanket could be thinner. 

It doesn’t matter which one you choose; typically the ones with poly pellets are cheaper. You can also purchase one that has an extra filling, like a comforter. If you tend to get cold at night, this may be a great option for you.  

Imagine putting a 15-pound blanket into the wash. If you don’t have a commercial washer and drier, the weight of the blanket will break your appliances. However, if you have pets or spill something on your blanket, you’ll want to have it cleaned. 

You can take your blanket to a professional to be washed, or you do have the option to purchase one with a cover on it. This will make it easier to wash.


There are so many blankets on the market it can be challenging to know which one is the best for you. It’s been proven to help many people sleep at night, even if you’re skeptical, give one a try, you might just have the best night’s sleep. We hope our weighted blanket buying tips helped you. If you’re ready to buy the best weighted blanket, shop here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Children?

Before allowing your children to use a weighted blanket, you should check with their doctor. If they have any medical conditions, the weight should be dangerous. If your child is under 2 years old or less than 20 pounds, it’s best to avoid them.

Will the Blanket Make Me Sweat?

Weighted blankets are heavy and can keep heat in. If you are prone to night sweats or prefer to be cool when you sleep, you should opt for a cooling blanket.
There are some that are more breathable than others. The best weighted blanket is going to be the one that helps you sleep and makes you feel comfortable and secure.

Can I Use one If I Have a Medical Condition?

While weighted blankets have been proven to help with some medical conditions such as anxiety, they can be harmful to some people. If you have epilepsy or poor circulation, it may be best to try something else to help you sleep. Talking to your doctor is always the best call.

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