5 Simple Roof Maintenance Tips

The odds are pretty good that you have a whole bunch of things you’d rather do on a weekend than knock out some roof maintenance, but this is a big piece of the puzzle for …

The odds are pretty good that you have a whole bunch of things you’d rather do on a weekend than knock out some roof maintenance, but this is a big piece of the puzzle for keeping your roof (and your whole home, for that matter) structurally safe and sound.

Responsible homeowners understand that a little bit of simple roof maintenance goes a long way. You can double the longevity of your roof just by knocking out some simple and straightforward maintenance like the tips and tricks we share below.

5 best roofing tips

Of course, it never hurts to consider calling in the professionals when it comes to the best residential roof shampoo in Longwood services, either!

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Roofing tips for every type of roof:

Tip 1: Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters often go overlooked as a core component of your roofing system, but not by you.

No, you understand how important it is to jump up on a ladder at least twice a year (usually at the end of spring and the end of fall) to clean those gutters top to bottom.

Remove leaves, sticks, and any other debris that’s otherwise gumming up the works. Keep these gutters open and they’ll move water efficiently off your roof and away from your home. You won’t have to worry about leaks, backup problems, or damage to your gutters that requires expensive repair or replacement.

Tip 2: Trim Back Dangerous Trees and Shrubs

Trimming back your trees (as well as tall shrubs and other landscaping elements) to stop them from dropping limbs and leaves on your roof is a huge piece of the puzzle.

It doesn’t take much for heavy winds, heavy rain, or ice and snow to snap even the strongest limbs off of trees, dropping hundreds of pounds of weight right onto your roof – and, at the very least, ripping shingles off (maybe doing a whole lot worse).

As an added benefit, by trimming back your landscaping you’ll help your home breathe a little bit more. You’ll get a big boost in the curb appeal department without having to worry about Mother Nature wreaking havoc on your home at the same time.

Tip 3: Double Check Your Shingles

Chances are good you look at the outside of your home at least a couple of times each day, but how often do you take the time to really inspect your home – especially when it comes to things like your siding and your shingles?

Probably not all that often, right?

Make it a regular practice to go out every two or three months and just double check how your shingles are doing. Go out after big storms or particularly windy days to make sure that your shingles are still standing strong, too.

This’ll help you get out in front of minor issues that could later grow into catastrophic emergencies if left ignored for too long.

Tip 4: Scrub Moss and Algae Off

Moss and algae growing on your roof isn’t just unsightly but can also lead to rot, compromising your roofing system from the outside in.

Take the time to scrub moss and algae off of your roof (ideally in the summertime) or hire experts to deliver the best residential roof shampoo in Longwood services for you.

Tip 5: Never Power Wash Your Roof!

One mistake a lot of people make when knocking out roof maintenance is firing up their power washer and spraying down the roof, never realizing just how dangerous this can be.

For starters, the odds are pretty good you’re not going to lug a power washer to the peak of your roof and then spray your shingles down. Most folks spray from ground level, getting water up underneath shingles where it doesn’t belong.

Secondly, even on the lowest of pressure settings power washers are too strong to be used on shingles. You’ll rip and tear your roof apart and destroy the most important protective layer in the process of trying to fix things.

Steer clear of the power washer!

Closing Thoughts

Keep these things in mind when doing a bit of home maintenance and you’ll be able to stretch the longevity of your roof significantly.

Regular maintenance can reasonably double the lifetime of your roof (if not even more). That’ll help save you tens of thousands of dollars you would have otherwise had to spend just because you skipped simple and straightforward maintenance like the stuff we highlighted above.

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