Devin Bachelor

Devin Bachelor

Hey Everyone,

I am Devin Bachelor, a troubleshooting engineer who loves to fix software and internet errors with my troubleshooting skills. I've recently joined as an expert troubleshooting writer.

Talking about my experience, I got my first job in 2012 at AT&T as Premises Technician. There my jobe role was to fix various technical problems and internet related issues inside the company. Later I was promoted as troubleshooting engineer and I was handling 12 people under me.

In 2017, I left AT&T and joined Xfinity Boradband as a lead troubleshooting engineer where my job role was to help customer fixing there router and modem. I was basically, guiding them to fix there internet in xfintiy routers and modem.

As a part of expertise, I can easily identify the various technical problems inside a router and a modem. I've been helping people to troubleshoot there xfinity and AT&T routers and modems.

If you want to know more about me, feel free connect me at [email protected].