Growing houseplants sometimes is not easy. Enough sunlight, water, air, fertilizer, etc. are necessary for indoor plants. Grow lights mimic natural sunlight and can be of great help. If you plan to build your own indoor garden, read our review below to find out the perfect products available in the market.

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QUX Light Beam Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Light Beam grow lights are designed to distribute light in the most natural way possible. The full-spectrum LED grow lights allow for freestyle installation, which means you can tinker with the setup to suit your plants’ light requirements.

Each head contains 30 pieces of LED bulbs and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It powers up via USB since it only needs an input current of about 1 – 2a.

Despite its meager electric consumption, this grow light produces full-spectrum light and can operate in temperatures ranging from -15 to -40 degrees Celsius.

It is suitable for seedlings, insectivorous and succulent plants, which thrive on pink light. It can also grow nearly all types of green plants—including those in your micro landscape—due to the ample amounts of yellow light it produces.

I have found it works best when placed between 5cm and 15cm away from the plant, depending on its size. You can also place it in moist or humid environments since it’s built from rust-proof aluminum alloy.

It comes with a cork base for stability and features a highly adjustable design. In my opinion, this is the perfect grow light for beginners as it easily adapts to whatever your indoor plants setup looks like.

FRENAN Indoor Gooseneck LED Grow Lamps with Stands

FRENAN grow lights provide full-spectrum light and come with 10 brightness settings. They also equip you with some helpful automation in the form of its 4-hour, 8-hour, and 12-hour timer switch, which releases you from the task of remembering to switch the lights on or off every few hours.

It’s gooseneck stand can be bent in various directions to facilitate ample lighting for different plant types. The lights mount on top of a tripod stand that can be adjusted from a height of 15” to 63” depending on the size of your plants.

Its efficient full-spectrum light is enough to replace natural sunlight and promote plant growth. Whether you need red, warm, pink, or yellow light, this grow light allows you to create ideal light conditions for your plants in every stage of development.

Each of the four heads offers 3 spectral modes and 10 levels of brightness starting from 10% to 100 %. The auto cycle timer can turn the lamp on automatically every day, a huge advantage if you’re not always available to do that.

Overall, these highly adjustable grow lights are suitable for growing just about any type of indoor plants.

QUX Big Angel Halo Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The BIG Angel Halo grow lights are the go-to for many who want to grow medium-sized plants indoors. Their full-spectrum light output makes them ideal for big, leafy plants with intense light requirements.

Each of the rings or “halos” contains 49 LES pieces but only consumes 5w of power. It only needs 1 – 2a of power to run, which it gets from its USB plug.

The aluminum frame it stands on is durable and corrosion-proof. Together, these components can provide up to 50,000 hours of full-spectrum light to grow a wide variety of indoor plants.

This grow light features a slim, compact build, one that I found convenient for tight spaces. It’s so narrow that the halo light is only 5.6mm (0.22 inches) thick, even though its diameter is 130mm.

It comes with a timer switch that can create automatic 8h, 12h, 16h, and 24h cycles, so it’s suitable for low-effort plant maintenance.

YADOKER Adjustable Indoor Grow Lights

Small plant owners like me swear by this YADOKER LED grow light, which equips you with an automatic timer and an adjustable frame to choose the best height for your plants.

It has very low voltage consumption (5w at most) and produces light wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 780nm. I’m attracted to its size as I need light focused on a small area.

I also enjoy that you can stick it right in the pot or planter without worrying about rusting or damaging the aluminum stand.

The automatic timer gives you three-cycle modes: 8h, 12h, and 16h for each cycle, eliminating the need to keep unplugging and replunging it.

It’s very easy to set up as it doesn’t require any clamps or clips. It goes directly into the soil, which takes away a lot of installation hassle.

Last but not least, though it spends hours plugged in, excellent heat dissipation facilities by the aluminum shell ensure that it is never hot to touch.

QUX Angel Halo Water Plant Grow Light

Angel Halo water plant grow lights are finely tuned for hydroponic gardens. This set contains a halo with 30 pieces of full-spectrum LEDs which produce up to 6w of light power on an input current or 1- 2a.

Powered by USB, it’s easy to set up and consumes about $1 in power bills per year. That’s very energy-efficient, especially since it produces full-spectrum light ranging from cool to warm white.

These particular grow lights can be used for small aquariums too. Basically, any water plants you own will thrive with this setup, which includes an acrylic rod, an acrylic base, a suction cup, and a small plant environment where water plants can thrive. 


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