As a ranch or a farm owner, taking care of the herd and setting up a fence for them is arguably one of the most important things you have to do. Even if you have fewer cattle and have proper enclosures for them, setting proper fencing is crucial as it protects your property from intruders and other animals that might threaten the animals on your farm. 

While putting up a fence is simple, doing it for a property that spans acres can become quite difficult. This is why modern-day tools like post drivers or pounders are beneficial. You can explore product ranges like post pounder by Fence Fast, a powered tool that can help you erect fence posts swiftly and easily. 

However, it is a crucial decision, and you must consider various factors to buy the best fence post driver for your ranch. 

So, here are some significant factors you must keep in mind while shopping for one.

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The best product would be the one that maximizes your productivity and is usable. There is no point in buying a fence driver that is not as efficient as you would want, and it will lower your productivity and increase the time taken to build the fence. 

If you do not have a ranch hand, you must consider choosing those machines that can operate efficiently by one person only. Otherwise, it will take too long to post the fence, or you might have to hire someone to assist you. 

So, you should pay attention to the machine’s efficiency and ensure that it’s usable by a single person. 

Easy to transfer

Owning a large ranch means that you might have different types of terrain on your land. However, no matter the landscape, it requires you to put up the fencing. Some post drivers can be challenging to transfer to rough terrain. It poses a challenge to transport such post drivers to a remote location. 

So, when you are exploring products, you must also consider buying a lightweight driver if you have difficult terrain on your ranch. A lightweight post diver will make it much easier for you to transfer and use on such a surface. However, you must remember that lightweight does not mean low or inferior quality. 

There are many handy, lightweight post drivers made of high-quality materials in the market, such as the post pounder by Fence Fast.  


Some post drivers may be expensive, but when you compare them with their utility, you can realize their cost-benefit. In addition, you will save ample money in the long run when you use it as you would not have to pay for labour costs for posting. 

Ease of maintenance

Once you invest in an asset for your ranch, you want to use it for a long time. So, before buying the post drivers, you can read reviews and check its annual for recommended maintenance tips. Choose equipment that requires minimal maintenance to function. 

So, when you are shopping for a fence post driver, then ensure you choose a machine that is affordable, practical, easy to transport and requires low maintenance. 


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