When buying a heat pump for a swimming pool, it is important to figure out the essential aspects that maintain the luxury of the swimming pool all year round. Typically, maintaining a swimming pool is a highly demanding endeavor that at least commands owning a pool heater. 

Swimming pool heaters play a critical role in warming the water sufficiently for swimming, particularly during cold weather. For this reason, it is predominant to outsource the best pool heat pumps for swimming pools.

Factors to Consider when Buying Heat Pumps

  • Suitability for your swimming pool: When buying a pool air source heat pump, the first crucial consideration is the size of the pool. The knowledge acquired helps understand the ideal heat pump’s capacity to meet the swimming pool’s warming requirements. 
  • Heating rate and consistency: Numerous heat pumps can heat the entire pool, but most are slow. Therefore, others have inconsistent power and cannot warm the swimming sufficiently. 
  • Cost: The heat pump cost should reasonably match their swimming pools’ needs. 
  • How noisy the heat pumps are: Buying a noise heat pump may make the surrounding swimming pool quite uncomfortable. Modern-day technology utilizes technologies that limit noise production from the heat pumps significantly. 

The Mechanism of Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Typically, air source heat pumps utilize electrical energy to heat the swimming pools. They employ a technology that enables them to absorb heat from the surrounding air and then move it to the pool water, warming it.  Herein is a comprehensive guide to the best pool heat pumps in the market today.

1. SPRSUN 13KW 16KW R32 Full Inverter Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump for Swimming Pools


This heat pump achieves its functionalities from the following specifications. It has a maximum COP of 16.15, a power supply of 220V/240V, a running temperature of -15℃ to 45℃, a maximum heating ability of 13KW/16KW, and a maximum cooling capacity of 7.2W/8.8KW. 

Core Features

Energy-saving ability: The model has an advanced energy-saving performance with its COP of about 16.39. Unlike the traditional pools, this model can change its operating frequency depending on the needed heating. As a result, it speeds up the time and provides more heat. 

Low noise production: This heat pump model is known for low noise production while heating water since its technology has internal measures that check noise production. As a result, there is low noise production compared to former heat pumps. 

2. SPRSUN 4.2-9.5KW Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water Heater


This model is designed to achieve its functionality by utilizing the following specifications. It has a COP of 5.08 to 5.10, a working temp of -10℃ to 45℃, a maximum of 45℃, and a refrigerant of R410A.

Core Features

This model is specifically designed to help with household pool water heating. Some of the common features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Heating water at a constant temperature
  • It controls the temperature of the pool water through an automated technology
  • It offers an assured safety 
  • Users can save up to 70% to 80% of their former costs.

3. SPRSUN 10KW-26KW Monoblock Air Source Swimming Pool Heat pump for Water Heating and Cooling


This heat pump model achieves its functionalities with the following specifications. It has a COP of 5.10 to 5.12, a maximum water temperature of 40℃, a power supply of 220V TO 415V. In addition, it has a running temperature of -10℃ to 45℃, a heating capacity of 10/15/18.5/20/26KW, and a cooling capacity of 6.5/9.75/12.03/13/16.90KW.

Core Features

  • The model is made using aluminum material on the edging to check against chances of corrosion. Its noise levels are significantly low and have limited options of leakage since it employs a 4-way valve welding protection. Furthermore, it is designed to be quite a friendlier one, which makes using it quite an easy task.
  • Users are certain to save their energy usage up to 75 % compared to other kinds of heaters, such as those that use gas and solar.

The final model that features amongst the best air source heat pumps is the 8.5KW 10.5KW R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater for Pool, which has a maximum COP of 16.39/16.24, a running temperature of -15℃ to 45℃, and a maximum heating capacity of 9KW/10.5KW among others. Some of its critical functions include pool water heating and cooling at homes, among other luxurious settings. 


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