Give Your Bathroom a True Polish With Stylish and Practical Accessories

When you think about it, the bathroom is where you spend a large part of your day. This is the first room you go to in the morning, the last one you visit before going …

When you think about it, the bathroom is where you spend a large part of your day. This is the first room you go to in the morning, the last one you visit before going to bed, the place where you take lengthy self-care baths, and so on. That being said, your bathroom design has a big impact on your day-to-day life.

Whether it’s designed in Scandinavian style, traditional, or any style in between, it’s important that it contains stylish and functional pieces. Apart from getting the right bathtub, lighting fixtures, vanity, mirror and bathroom taps, you should also pay close attention to the accessories that you choose. If you’re asking yourself “What are the best bathroom accessories?”, check out these 5 stylish and practical options.

Practical Towel Rails to Bring Warmth and Style to the Bathroom

When someone mentions bathroom accessories, the last thing people think about is a towel rail. After all, these objects are mostly known for their primary role – which is simply a place to hang your towels. However, this is not the case for modern bathroom rails.

Although it was once known as a boring utility object, a contemporary bathroom towel rail can be as beautiful as it is functional. These bathroom accessories are available in a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from sleek minimalistic matte black rails to brushed brass rails. They’re available in designs with up to 6 bars, letting you fit all your towels on one towel rail – which is especially convenient for bigger households.

The sleek ergonomic construction and the many different finishes of bath towel rails let you set your creativity free when accessorising your bathroom. Although designers often advise using matching finishes for all of your bathroom elements, they also encourage experimentation when you feel like it. 

For example – if your bathroom space feels too cold and uninviting, a gold or brushed brass finish will help you bring in some warmth. On the other hand, if your bathroom already contains a lot of colours, a simple matte black towel rail will help you even things out. Black is also a great colour choice if you want to create a moody and mysterious bathroom.

The modern bathroom towel rail brings a dose of elegance and functionality to your space. Apart from the gorgeous and stylish designs, these accessories are also sturdy and durable. They’re constructed from high-quality materials, and some even come with a heating option. This allows you to warm up your towels and cosy up after a bath on chilly winter days.

If you liked what you’ve read so far – check out the gorgeous towel rails for sale and step up your bathroom’s style.

Cotton Towels to Wrap Yourself in Comfort

Similar to the above-mentioned bathroom accessories – towels are a practical and fashionable addition to your bathroom. That being said, it’s important to choose the right materials that will help you dry up faster and contribute to your bathroom’s appeal. Towels in natural materials, especially 100% cotton towels add style and elegance to your bathroom, while still being soft and soothing to your skin.

Whether it comes to bath towels, bedding or clothing essentials, cotton is a long-time favourite of mine. I know this sounds as basic as saying you like vanilla ice cream, but the truth is – cotton has many benefits over other materials. To mention a few – cotton is soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

When it comes to bath towels – the cotton ones are thicker and plusher than the other options. This means that they’re highly absorbent (which is a big plus when drying up after a shower), but it also makes them great décor elements. Play around with different colours and textures, and you will see how much a few cotton towels can liven up your bathroom space.

Soap and Lotion Dispensers to Add a Colourful Touch 

Having dispensers for soap and lotion is not only practical but also creates a better look for your bathroom sink. Modern dispensers are available in a variety of different designs. You can use these convenient accessories to both simplify your day-to-day hygiene and reinforce the design of your bathroom. For example, you can pick dispensers in the colour palette of your bathroom and create a unifying look or go for a contrasting design to create some interest. 

Not only can soap dispensers give your bathroom an updated look, but they can also help you save on expenses. You can buy all your hygiene and self-pamper products in bulk and do a refill every time the dispenser empties up. Additionally, the pump system always delivers the same amount of product onto the palm of your hand. This helps you avoid wasting unnecessarily large amounts of product, which frequently happens when using ordinary product containers.

Bathroom Shelves to Keep Everything Neat and Handy 

Storage is a tricky topic for any bathroom. No matter how big or small your bathroom space is, there never seems to be enough room to fit all your products, towels and other essentials. If you feel like no matter what you do, your bathroom always looks cluttered, it’s time to consider making proper use of your vertical space and installing a few shelves.

When it comes to bathroom shelves – placement is key! Consider what you will be using them for; if it’s shower gels and other bath products, it’s best to place the shelf next to your shower cabin or bathtub; otherwise, if you’re planning to use it for plants, picture frames or other decorations – a good place for a shelf is just above the toilet seat or right next to the vanity.

When shopping for shelves, make sure that the material is water-resistant. After all, there is water everywhere in a bathroom and you don’t want your shelves to get damaged.

Bath Caddy to Have Your Bathing Essentials Close By 

Lastly, consider adding a bath caddy to your tub. If you’re someone that prefers quick showers – feel free to skip this part. However, if you often enjoy lengthy self-care baths, a bath caddy or tray will help you get a luxurious and spa-like experience while adding some chic to the appearance of your bathtub. Bath caddies and trays come in a variety of materials – lucite, metal, wood (being the most popular option), etc. This is where you can put your tablet, smartphone, book, scented candles, and even a glass of wine to enjoy with your bath.

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