It can be challenging and overwhelming to dive into the vast market of houses. Most even stepped back after knowing their preferred homes were higher than their budget. Thankfully, house and land packages exist with their reasonable cost and other advantages.

House and land packages are increasingly becoming the go-to option for first-time home buyers as more real estate opportunities emerge around the country. There’s a reason for snapping up house and land packages, whether a young family, single, or a first-time investor seeking to diversify their portfolio.

What Are House And Land Packages?

House and land packages include the actual property and the newly constructed house, which are sold together to buyers under two separate contracts. You can see how much each package costs this way separately.

One can build the home on newly acquired land in a bid to provide housing solutions that are high quality and aesthetically pleasing — and in many cases, much more affordable than an established house.

There are a few factors you must consider when choosing a house and land package, such as:

  1. Cost Transparency – Choose a trustworthy builder with transparency in pricing and costing. It is so you can prevent hidden or surprise charges.
  2. Design Flexibility – Consider whether you can freely add your personal touch. It would be good if builders could accommodate your choice to show a bit of your individuality through the home.
  3. Quality Control – Choose a noteworthy builder with good feedback from previous clients to ensure the finished product’s quality.
  4. Location – Is it close to your workplace, educational institutions, shopping centers, hospitals, and other essential buildings? Does a transport system exist there?

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Benefits Of House And Land Packages

If you are curious as to why are house and land packages such popular investments, then proceed to read the content below:

The perfect home design 

Regarding house and land packages, a good suggestion is to select the land for your home based on what you need and its suitability to your lifestyle. Also, settle on a finished home interior design that meets your preferences. 

Modifying certain parts of the design for it to suit your tastes is also acceptable. It means you can work with your builder to have a home built to conform to your requirements. You can customize several details of your house, from the inside to the outside.

Tax benefits and stamp duty

A combination of house and land comes with tax advantages. Stamp duty will be imposed if no house is on the land.

As a result, you won’t have to pay stamp duty on both the property and the home. It will enable you to save more money and earn better to supplement any house design considerations you may have.

Furthermore, the federal government announces the new HomeBuilder Grant. It is a complete, time-limited program in which qualifying persons can get $25,000 for building or modifying a home.

Applications closed on 14 April 2021, and for all contracts signed from 4 June 2020 to 31 March 2021, they can submit their supporting documents or the construction commencement requirement until 30 April 2023.

You must meet a list of criteria to access the new HomeBuilder Grant, and the following are some of them:

  • You are not a company but a natural person
  • You are aged 18 years or older
  • You are an Australian citizen
  • You can’t use the property you wish to buy as an investment property.

Enter an emerging market

Several offered house and land combos take place in newer suburbs. As a result, if you could buy at low-start pricing, you can take advantage of the suburbs’ development and potential before the prices hike.

Low maintenance

The house and land packages are understood to be very low maintenance. More old homes require a lot of love, including regular paint jobs and, in some severe cases, renovations if the house foundations are crumbling. 

Because these homes are brand new, they’ll come with the latest fixtures and fittings, reducing maintenance and giving you less worry. You’ll have more chances to spend time with your family at your new house.

Regarding house and land packages that are good investments, Residential Building WA provides the latest, greatest and vast selection of suitable packages for you and your family to choose from freely.

They’ll help you search for a reasonably affordable and high-quality one. Visit and explore the Residential Building WA website today for a better understanding.


You can avail house and land packages if you want a unique and amazing home design, get tax benefits and stamp duty, are entering an emerging market, and like a low-maintenance home. Whether you are family-oriented, single, or finding something to invest in, a house and land package is something you should consider.


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