Getting a great night’s sleep is actually dependent on a lot of things, and one of the most important is your mattress. As well as having a high-quality mattress that’s right for you, you need to ensure that you take good care of it afterward to ensure its longevity.

Most of the time, you’re going to want a mattress that you can flip, as this will help to prevent lumps and sagging. If you’re unsure about flipping or rotating your mattress, keep reading and find out just how often you should do.

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Is It Suitable For Flipping Or Rotating?

Nowadays, a lot of mattresses are designed one-sided, so flipping them is a big no-no. Generally, a modern mattress will have a thick layer at the bottom made of foam or springs, then a layer of more foam that determines its firmness and comfort of it, then finally, the top of the mattress is covered with a topper and sometimes more foam.

As you can see, flipping this mattress would in fact put it upside down and make it very uncomfortable to sleep on. You should be able to rotate it though, as it can be placed in either direction and still be the right way up.

99% of mattresses are able to be rotated, but not all of them are flippable, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before doing so.

Rotating Your Mattress

Rotating a mattress can be a great way from preventing lumps and bums from forming and spreading out the wear and tear that happens over time. If you sleep in the same position every night, then it can start to sag where the pressure is felt the most.

However, if you rotate your mattress every so often, you can actually decrease the amount of pressure felt in one spot and keep it firmer for longer. Typically, memory foam, latex, and new innerspring mattresses can be rotated once or twice a year, whereas old innerspring mattresses should be rotated two to five times a year.

Make sure you stick to a consistent schedule of rotation, and you’ll definitely see an improvement in the longevity of your mattress. 

Flipping Your Mattress

Once you’ve figured out whether your mattress can be flipped, how often you do so will depend on a number of things. First of all, you need to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and see how often they recommend flipping it.

The general rule is to flip your mattress once every six months, however, different makes and models may have different recommendations. Some may even require you to flip them more often at first but are then able to be left alone after a year or so.

Flipping your mattress can do wonders for its lifespan and it can keep it a lot firmer for longer. But if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend flipping it, then you definitely shouldn’t, as it’s clearly not designed for it. 

Flipping and rotating your mattress can be the key to unlocking ultimate comfort for longer, but that doesn’t mean your mattress won’t still experience some wear and tear over time.

If it’s not of high quality, no amount of flipping or rotating will help, so be sure to invest in one that will give you the support you need. If you’re ever unsure whether or not your should flip and rotate your mattress, speak to the manufacturer and they’ll be able to give you the best advice.

You’ll soon find out how best to care for your mattress and be able to sleep in pure comfort every night.  


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