Making a house worth calling a ‘home, sweet home’ takes a lot of effort and dedication. That is why homeowners spend considerable time working on their exteriors and interiors, deciding what furnishing options make the most sense. In the middle of all these, buying Rugs is usually considered an afterthought. But does doing that make sense after spending so much time and money decorating the interiors? Preferably, no.

Most homeowners buy carpets and mats solely on what they cost and how durable they are. Giving a second thought to whether the product purchased will blend in perfectly with the tone of the room is never given attention.

Maybe, the reason behind this is the lack of variations and options at random home decoration stores. Whether buyers visit one store or five, they will get bland neutrals and the same stereotyped traditional patterns.

However, things are different today. Designers and decor artists have made it a point that rugs do mean something in a room. Yes, they can make or break the look of the room. Those looking for the ‘how’ should consider reading this article.

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Use Them to Define Specific Areas of the Room

Having a fancy dining area or a studio apartment needs some decor items that highlight certain areas. Of course, one cannot opt for the most common options like wall hangings, flower vases, or stylish wall clocks. You need something that can redefine a particular area or just make them the point of attraction in a room.

This is where carpets and rug-like mats have the stronghold. They do a fantastic job of creating a contrasting appeal that complements the color of the wall. In fact, there are different varieties available, and they do not necessarily need to be boring. In some cases, they can even give a spicier look than hardwood.

They Create a Sense of Variety Inside the Room

Houses with elongated and big living rooms need something to kill the cold and dry look. Yes, one can have their sofa or dining tables and chairs there, but then also a large area will still be untouched.

For such rooms, rugs can be used to create a sense of variety in the room. Using two different carpets can visually divide a large and elongated room into two halves. 

Also, although it sounds counterintuitive, light-colored ones can make a bold statement. Especially, houses with wood flooring look spectacular with bright and light-colored hues of mats.

Use them to Visually Quiten Rooms

How many times has it happened that you visited someone’s house, and the interior seemed to lighten up your mood? Well, it can be done easily with a silk or cotton floorcloth. You can turn up or down the visual volume of your room as needed. If your upholstery has a smooth ornate pattern, look for a carpet that looks subtle. If the upholstery is subdued, try a busier pattern instead.

Trying Different Shapes to Increase Variation

It is exciting to try different patterns because carpets do not always need to be rectangular in shape, contrary to the stereotype. One can buy them according to the tone of the room set by the existing furniture. Figure out which shape suits the best in your room and then decide whether to go for a square-shaped one or a round or oval one. The target would remain the same, i.e., complement the room arrangement further.

A great option to try will be the area rugs. They can be used in a nice way to inject playfulness and fun while playing with different hues and patterns. Not that all of these are super expensive, so it gives buyers the option to replace them with new ones if needed.

The Right Size Suits Flawlessly in the Room

It needs some research and measurements to follow before homeowners spend money on mats that make their rooms look appealing. Here are some tips to follow –

  • If you are considering buying a room-sized product, don’t forget to subtract 3 ft. from the length and width of the size of the room. Leaving the floor bare at the edges makes the room look slightly bigger.
  • Those thinking of placing the mat under the dining table should add at least 24” from the table’s edges. That ensures that the chairs stay on the product even after they are pulled out. 
  • If you are buying runners for the hallway, consider it to be 4 inches narrower and around 18-24 inches shorter than the hallway. It will ensure that they are decently wide enough to ensure that your feet stay on the rug while walking.

Also, it is recommended to avoid making this common mistake most buyers make. Avoid buying mats that are too small in size with respect to the area they will cover. It is understandable that larger ones might prove to be slightly expensive. However, homeowners renovating their homes should definitely go big, considering it a long-term investment.

Avoid Endangering Rugs in Dangerous Places

Carpets can elevate the way a room looks. So, sometimes it is tempting to keep them in places that might make them look like the focal point of the house. Some of these areas are places like your dining room or in or around the kitchen space. However, it is not always a good idea to do that, considering there can be chances of spills. 

One needs to understand that these are not cheap home decor items. Moreover, it is relatively difficult to remove stains from them. And stained and dirty carpets do not make a good impression. 

Especially houses having pets and children should be careful and avoid placing these in places where homeowners have less control. Also, look for easy-to-clean options to make maintaining these a breeze.

Final Thoughts

When buying Rugs, homeowners must be careful about their quality. These carpets and mats get through a lot of stress and regular abuse. From dragging chairs to walking on them, they can easily disorient and damage if not bought from trusted stores. Also, mats need to be maintained and cleaned correctly to increase longevity. 

Additionally, homeowners can avoid placing them in hazardous spaces, where they are more prone to damage. Maintaining these properly will not only make them last longer than average but also keep up with the appealing factor of your home.

Carpets and mats can be slightly expensive compared to other home decor items. However, their feel and appearance are effortless to make a dull room look prominent. 


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