Picking a stick on wallpaper for kids’ room can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post we will break down the top ten factors to consider when selecting your child’s bedroom wallpaper.

So, you’ve decided to wallpaper your kids’ bedroom (or any bedroom for that matter). What do you need to know before you begin shopping? If you’re out shopping, look at these factors as a guide and a reminder of what to look for. But before that, you need to understand why choosing wallpaper for your kids’ room is advantageous.

Why self-adhesive wallpaper for your kids’ room?

Ease of Use

You can easily cut, paste and remove the kids wallpaper according to your liking. The more you use it the easier it is to work with so don’t worry if you have never used it before. It will not take long until you are a professional in self-adhesive wallpapers. 


You will be impressed with how long these wallpapers last and how easy they are to remove even if they have been on for a long time. They can last for years and still look good.

You Can Do It Yourself

The best part of using self-adhesive wallpaper is that you can install the wallpaper on your own. Whether you have never picked up a pair of scissors in your life or whether you have been doing this for years, it is easy and safe for anyone to do it themselves.

You Can Add Your Own Personalization

Do you prefer a plain white background with Pattern Stamped Decals? You can do that! Let your child’s room be a unique and interesting place.

Environmentally Friendly

Most of the Wallpapers here at lovevsDesign.com have been made using 100% recycled materials, which is extremely important for our environment. In addition to this Wallpaper is an Eco-Friendly product and the millions of trees are saved from being destroyed for building purposes.

Factors to consider when purchasing Self-adhesive wallpaper for your kids’ room

Self-adhesive wallpapers for kids’ room can be relatively complicated to choose but if you have the right knowledge, it will be a walk-over. Here are factors to consider while purchasing wallpaper for kid’s room. 


The next factor to consider is gender. This one seems to be pretty obvious but it’s an important factor. You want your child’s room to feel comfortable, but you also want it to feel like a place where they can express themselves and enjoy the room for years to come. The gender will come in handy when choosing the colors, patters and matching them. 

Beautiful Pattern 

The first thing to consider is a beautiful pattern, whether it’s floral, geometric or something stronger like the animal patterns. The pattern can be inspired by a couple of things. You can pick a pattern that looks like it belongs in a nursery or you can pick one that you think will grow with your child.


The second thing to consider is color, which goes hand in hand with the pattern. Some bedrooms need to be light and airy; others are meant to be calm and relaxing. Be sure to consider how the wall color will affect the look of the decor and how it will affect your child’s well-being. You want to make sure you choose a color that will work for your child’s room. Does it complement the furniture and accessories or do you need to paint the room?

Consider Your Child’s Interests 

If your child is interested in dinosaurs, choose a wallpaper with an animal print they love. If they’re more into vehicles, choose a vehicle-print wallpaper. If they’re into cars, choose a pattern that looks like one.

Decide on the materials

The main consideration (aside from the design) is the material. You need to decide if you are going to use a paste or a roller, you will also need to decide if you want vinyl wallpapers or more traditional wallpapers. If your child is still young, and involved in a delicate stage of growth, you should go for more organic and eco-friendly products.


Safety is a very important consideration while picking wallpapers for your kids. A lot of people may say that children are the main reason they have chosen wallpapers over paint. But it is not always true. Professionals in this industry have stated that if you want to use wallpapers, you should be really concerned about the safety and type of product you are using. Some wallpapers are obviously made from poisonous products that can greatly pose a risk to your child.


There are many factors to consider when picking a wallpaper for a child’s bedroom, but the most important thing is to avoid too much detail. A beautiful, classic pattern will always be stronger than any design with a lot of detail.


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