Home décor is a daunting task that requires time, effort, and money. But proper planning and the right choice of decoration pieces can make it easy for you. If you don’t want to spend more money and time but want to update your home for a new look then choose the right decor pieces. Without changing the paint, curtains, or furniture, you can change the look of your home by incorporating decoration pieces.

You will find different kinds of decor items in the market but here we are going to share with you all-natural decoration pieces made with pure Himalayan pink salt. These unique decor items are completely made with salt. This rock salt is obtained from the mines and has a compact structure that helps to make these decoration pieces. Himalayan pink rock salt is a very beneficial salt that provides various wellness benefits. It is available in the form of several health and wellness products that have different uses.

Large Himalayan rock salt blocks are hand carved into different shapes of salt decoration items such as salt lamps, salt candle holders, fire bowls, salt tile panels, iron basket lamps, and many more. This article will guide you about the features and use of these wonderful decorative pieces for your home. Let’s discuss how these salt decor pieces can uplift the decor of your place.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Incorporating Himalayan pink salt lamps in the decor of your home can have an instant impact on the overall outlook. These lamps are popular for their beautiful designs and attractive glow. You can place them in your bedrooms, living space, entrance, mantle, or study area. Their welcoming glow and customized shape are enough to take the decor of your home to the next level. These lamps are easily available in the market in various sizes and designs to fit every place perfectly.

Apart from gracing your place, these salt lamps also provide wellness benefits. They work like air purifiers and enhance the air quality. The positive impact of these lamps improves the mood and energy level by drawing harmful rays and airborne particles from the environment. Having these lamps by your bedside table helps to improve sleep. You can visit Ittefaq Salt to know more about these salt lamps.

USB Lamps

If you don’t want to place a big-sized lamp in your study then try out these USB salt lamps that come with a USB cable and port. Unlike like regular salt lamps, USB lamps are small in size and portable. You can attach these lamps to your computer and laptop and enjoy their subtle glow while working. These USB lamps also come in a variety of shapes and compact sizes. These lamps will become a beautiful part of your study table.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Throw away your ordinary candle holders and bring all-natural Himalayan salt candle holders or salt votive. These salt candle holders add a very refreshing touch to the decor of your place. They glow with the light of the candle and create a serene environment. You can get different-sized salt candle holders to place a variety of candles. These candle holders are very useful décor items.

Night Light Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps also work as fantastic night lights. Having them in your home enhances the overall decor and light up the dark hours of the night. You can place these multipurpose night light salt lamps in your bedroom, hallways, and kids’ room. The Himalayan salt night light lamps with their amber glow bring beauty to the decor of bedrooms and hallways. 

Himalayan Salt Wall

Salt walls built with Himalayan rock salt tiles are trending in the interior design industry. These salt walls look great in the interiors of homes, offices, and wellness centers. You can install a Himalayan pink salt tile panel in your living room and enjoy its alluring beauty. The bulbs installed in the salt panel make these tiles glow with a warm light that improves the ambiance of the living area. You will find salt walls in many spas and health centers that enhance the decor and provide wellness benefits of Himalayan rock salt.

Fire bowls

Another amazing Himalayan salt decoration piece is the fire bowl. It is a bowl of Himalayan rock salt filled with small salt chunks. A bulb is fitted in the bowl that lights up the bowl and salt chunks. It gives the burning fire effect that looks so gorgeous. You can place these salt fire bowls on the center table in your living room or on the side table of the bed. The fire bowls make you feel luxurious with their glow and beauty.

Salt Baskets

Baskets made of iron and wood filled with chunks of Himalayan rock salt serve as great decorative pieces. The bulb is fitted in these basket lamps that light the chunks to give a serene feel. Place them anywhere in your home like the living room, mantle, study, and entrance. The warm glow of these iron/wooden basket lamps will create a welcoming ambiance.

Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned salt decoration items can be a good addition to your home decor. Now you know about the super gorgeous and useful Himalayan salt decoration pieces, so don’t wait to incorporate them in your home décor and create a statement with your style. We hope you have a wonderful time decorating your home interior and get the best-looking home.


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