Colonial home with its classic look may appear great, but many modern-day people may not like it. If you are one of them, you might want to modernize the colonial home, especially the interior space, for a more relaxed and refreshing feel. 

So, how to modernize a colonial home interior? 

You may refinish the flooring, add open space, renovate the large riving room, and change the furniture to give a colonial home a modern look. Usually, colonial homes are known for large rooms, big bulky chandeliers, heavy wooden furniture, and a darker appearance. 

Thus, you need to take care of these elements of a colonial home to modernize it. The idea is to make it feel livelier, brighter, and cozier. 

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How to Modernize A Colonial Home Interior:

Do you have a hundred years old home of the Victorian age? Perhaps, your great-great-grandfather has built the iconic home with those big domes, classy chandelier, and supreme design, and it now rests on you. 

But, being a 21st-century man, you may want to change its look for a refreshing vibe. So, let’s see how you can do it. 

Redo the old flooring:

Colonial homes often have attractive-looking wooden floors. It may wear out due to years of use. You can refinish it and give the entire interior a modern look. You may either choose to redo the flooring fully by replacing the old one with newer elements. If you decide to change the flooring completely, you may try marble or tiles with a brighter appearance. 

Also, you can sand off the wooden floor and color it for a newer look. Considering the cost and time required for the flooring, this approach is preferable. The simple redoing and renovating the floor will take only 1 to 3 days. 

Look at the living and dining rooms:

Large living and dining rooms with massive furniture are the staples of colonial and Victorian homes. They look great but may not suit a modern-day vibe. Thus, you can change the living and dining room interior to make them more fun and interactive. 

Usually, colonial homes have darker colors. So, repainting the walls with brighter and more vivid colors will immediately transform the look. You should also consider changing the sofa and cushioning. You can choose brighter covers for the sofa and cushion that brings a soothing appearance. 

Plus, try replacing the bulkier dining table and chairs. You can easily get the modernized furniture for living and dining rooms online. You should choose lightweight furniture that gives the room a truly aspiring vibe. 

Consider changing the chandelier and lighting:

One of the key aspects of a colonial home is darker lighting and a bulky chandelier. Thus, you must consider leveling up the lighting system. You can incorporate smart LED lights with enough illumination. 

Try brighter lights. Usually, colonial homes will have a subdued appearance. So, combine it with bright white lights for a vibrant appearance. Plus, try combining different lighting in various rooms to create a contrasting look. 

You will find how the LED lights change the entire look of your home. Also, you don’t need to invest heavily in the lights. So, it will be a great option to elevate the colonial homes soon. 

Create a scope for natural light with light and bright curtains:

Colonial homes often have a dome-shaped look that hinders the natural light from entering the room. So, you may create space for natural light to enter inside that gives the entire home a different dimension. For this, renovate the windows or add new ones. 

Plus, changing the curtains and adjusting them will be a good deal. We suggest you add light curtains so that more natural light can enter the home. When you choose the curtains, choose brighter colors. It will lift the darker appearance of a colonial room and give it a soothing feel with a contrast. You may get these curtains from online such as Direct Fabrics as they have tons of options available. 

Add open space:

Open space is an integral concept of modern homes. So, you may try changing the layout of the colonial home to add an open concept. It is also crucial because the long hallways, corridors, and walls can make you feel congested and cramped within the home. 

So, check the walls for safety purposes and remove one or two of them if possible. The home will look open and airy as you widen up the hallways, galleries, and corridors. Also, with the open space, you can connect more home spaces, and everyone will feel connected too. 


A colonial home with an unthinkably big space is truly an architectural masterpiece. Unfortunately, many of them have terrible layouts and appearances. Thus, you can give these homes a modern and better look following our ideas. The key is adding more lighting, allowing natural light, changing the darker colors into brighter ones, and transforming the congested spaces into open ones. So, it will feel airy and open with a refreshing feel.


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