The UAE is a country whose territory is mostly covered by sand. The Rub Al Khali stretches across the Arabian Peninsula introducing many distinguishing characteristics into the lives of locals. However, the UAE may be called an extraordinary place where people have developed amazing objects regardless of all the climate obstacles. Each corner of the country is unique and thoughtfully planned offering luxury property, lavish greenery, advanced infrastructure, and job opportunities. In this article we will look at the results of a massive transformation of a neighborhood and explore the profits of investing in property in Downtown Dubai in 2022.

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The description of Downtown Dubai 

Downtown Dubai is an unofficial capital of the city. Its dynamic development gave the impulse to create such worldly famous buildings as Burj Khalifa, musical Dubai fountains, and Dubai Mall. The experts estimate the development of the neighborhood at AED 73 billion. 

The city center is well connected to other key commercial and residential areas. Strategically located on the border with Business Bay, along the Sheikh Zayed Highway, E11, connected to Al Wasl, it is quite an active and bustling area. Downtown is one of the best neighborhoods in Dubai for those who don’t drive and for frequent travelers. A plethora of amenities, including upscale hotels, chic vacation spots, and major shopping malls, make Downtown Dubai a sought-after “center of everything.”

Infrastructure of Downtown Dubai

A newly created fashionable district of Dubai attracts investors and visitors mostly because of its advanced infrastructure. Besides a variety of banks, office buildings, and retail shops, the locality provides opportunities for living with family and all necessary facilities. Among the most popular we can highlight: 

  • Dubai Mall with more than 1200 shops from all over the world brands. It also contains a Golden Market, delicious restaurants, entertainment options, and even an underwater zoo. For the youngest visitors the Mall offers to join the interactive city Kidzania. It has real streets, markets, and institutions, and is used to present pleasant experiences and unforgettable emotions. 
  • The Dubai fountain complex “comes to life” at exactly 5:45 p.m. local time, paralyzing everything in the area. The fountain “dances” to the classics, Arabic melodies and world-famous hits, forming more than 1,000 different figures in the air. The streams rise to the level of a 50-floor building. 
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard is famous for the tram excursion with 11 stops in the most significant places of the neighborhood. You can see the opera house, cinemas, monuments, skyscrapers, and other infrastructure objects.  

Types of property in Downtown Dubai 

The renowned developers Emaar Properties planned the neighborhood to be a mix-used locality for foreigners with different aims and affordances. To satisfy the need of everyone, they offer the following types of property:

  • Ultra-luxury apartments 
  • Spacious apartments with several bedrooms 
  • Advanced studios
  • Elegant villas 
  • Stylish penthouses 

As with all large-scale projects, the architecture of Downtown Dubai varies greatly. From low-rise, traditional Arabic-style apartment complexes to more modern skyscrapers from shining glass.

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The prices on property in Downtown Dubai

The neighborhood, as an ambitious project, aims at delivering high-quality real estate for each buyer at an affordable price. The cost definitely depends on several factors and may change. Studios can be bought for AED 500,000 and more, 1-bedroom apartment – AED 630,000, and 2-bedroom apartment – AED 920,000. Villas and penthouses are more expensive, their cost starts from AED 1,475,000. It means that the list of affordable housing units for a reasonable price is almost unlimited. 

Real estate agency Ax Capital

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To sum it up

Emaar Properties has proved that there is nothing impossible in the world when they launched the Downtown Dubai project. The developers transformed dry land and hot climate into one of the most advanced and pleasant places to live in the world. The neighborhood impresses with its beauty, convenience, and flourishing in the real estate sphere.


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