If you plan on moving to another country, there are a lot of logistics involved. That’s true whether you’re relocating for work or simply because you want to live somewhere other than where you’re currently located. Before you start looking for a new home in a new place, you’ll want to consider all the different issues that could arise. If you need a visa to move, for example, or you have to get any type of permission or approval for relocation, that’s one of the things to pursue first, to get that hurdle out of the way.

There are also financial and legal implications to consider because it can be expensive to move, and you might not have the same opportunities and options in your new location. If you have a pension or other retirement funding, you need to be clear on any tax implications if you move, as well. Fortunately, a property management virtual assistant can help find a property, so that’s one area where you can worry less. The right VA can work with either commercial or residential real estate options.

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What is a Property Management VA?

A property management virtual assistant is an assistant who works virtually instead of in person. This assistant also has specialized knowledge of real estate and property management, making it easier for them to provide you with the help and support you need for your relocation journey. Because they’re virtual, you don’t need to provide space for them to work. Since they have property management knowledge, you can trust them to give you accurate information and know how to help with real estate concerns.

You can find a property management virtual assistant on your own or use a service that vets them for you. No matter how you locate a VA to help with your move to another country, you want to choose one that has experience in those types of moves, as well as how to find and arrange to rent properties in the new country. Especially if you’ve never made this type of move before, you might not be clear on the specifics you’ll need to be involved with. Choosing a VA who is comfortable in that space is very helpful.

How a Property Management Virtual Assistant Helps You Move

A property management virtual assistant can help you find a commercial or residential property when you’re relocating to another country, making everything easier. The logistics of moving countries are often far different from simply moving within a country’s borders, and the right help and support can make a big difference. Not only does proper help lower your stress level, but it can also reduce your costs and help you avoid unexpected problems that could complicate your trip.

Anyone who’s moving from one country to another may find that they aren’t clear on the customs of the new country. That can include buying or renting properties there, and if they aren’t local, they really can’t easily go and see what’s offered. Looking online isn’t the same, and many properties might not be listed. If you choose a property management virtual assistant in the area you’re moving to, they may even be able to do some in-person exploration to find properties that aren’t showing up online.

Find a Property That Meets Your Needs With a Trusted VA

You might be looking for a residential property you can move into or a commercial property for a business location. If you’re making a big move and a significant life change at the same time, you could be looking for both of those things. When you work with a property management virtual assistant, you’ll have someone you can trust in your corner who can advise you on the type of property you want to find and what kinds of options you’ll have. Then you can get moved and settled more efficiently and enjoy your new place.

The bottom line when it comes to working with a property management virtual assistant to help you move to another country is that it can be well worth the cost to have someone who understands the process and the market. If you’re trying to find a new place to live or you want a commercial space that works for your company, it’s generally not a good idea to pick something at random. A VA can help ensure you’re getting the right property for your needs and reduce the chances of regrets.

FAQs About Property Management VAs for Country-to-Country Moves

Is a Property Management Virtual Assistant a Real Estate Agent?

While it’s possible for a property management VA to have a real estate license, they aren’t the same thing as real estate agents. Most VAs who work with property management or real estate isn’t licensed, agents or brokers. But they can still offer a lot of good assistance, and they have plenty of property knowledge that can help with the logistics of moving to another country.

Can a VA Handle All the Paperwork for a Country-to-Country Move?

A VA can handle a lot of the paperwork, but there still may be some that you’ll have to do on your own. That will depend on the country you’re leaving from and the one you’re moving to, because they can all have different requirements. If you need something signed and notarized, for example, your VA can’t do that for you. Getting all the paperwork ready, though, is something most VAs can do.

Should You Find a VA Through an Agency or On Your Own?

There are many ways to find a VA, and how you go about it depends on how much time you have and what you’re looking for. If you want a virtual assistant who’s been vetted by an agency, it’s better to choose that option. If you’d instead do your vetting and find a VA without help, that’s also a way to locate someone. You can ask others for their recommendations, too. Make sure you do your research if you choose someone who isn’t part of a trusted agency, so you can have more peace of mind.

Does the Virtual Assistant Need to Be in the New Country?

Your assistant doesn’t need to be in your current country or the one you’re moving to if everything they’re doing is being handled virtually. It can be beneficial to have them in the new country, though, if you might want them to do any in-person work for you, such as checking out a property you’re interested in.


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