After coming from the office with a tired body, what I all want is time and relaxation. But, what if your thermostat not reaching the set temperature. This is one of the most frustrating times when the thermostat is not working at all. Neither it can cool the room, nor it can warm the room. What should I do, ugh!

So are you also facing the same problem with your thermostat? Does your thermostat not reaching the set temperature? Is not able to warm your room or cold your room? So, in this guide, we are going to fix it.

Before, we take some action against the thermostat, keep in mind that it’s always better to call professional. But, before you call a professional you can try on your own.

So, we will first start the discussion with reasons why the thermostat can’t reach the desired temperature, and then we will see how to fix it.

Why my thermostat can’t reach the set temperature?

If your thermostat can’t reach the set temperature, then there could be many reasons for this. We have to figure out all of theme and need to fix them. Let’s see the problems one by one –

  • The thermostat is not calibrated properly
  • Dirty or leaky ducts are interrepting air flow
  • Your thermostat is dusty, or damged
  • Your thermostat has loose wiring
  • Wrong location of thermostat
  • Dysfunctional fan of the thermostat
  • You thermostat lost power

The thermostat is not calibrated properly

Sometimes, the dirt goes inside the thermostat which doesn’t allow the thermostat to calibrate properly with the temperature. This will lead to a situation when you’ll set the temperature and, the thermostat will not be able to reach the set temperature.

solution: Calibrate your thermostat properly. It’s very simple. Just place a thermometer beside your thermostat and note down the readings of the thermometer and thermostat. If the difference is more than 2 degrees, call the professional to fix it. You can also recalibrate your thermostat properly on your own with a simple guide.

Dirty or leaky ducts are interrepting the airflow

The dirty or leaky ducts can interrupt the airflow which can cause your thermostat not to reach the set temperature. Duct flow is an important part of the correct working of the thermostat. If it’s really an issue with the ducts, then you have to call the HVAC technician.

solution: I would not suggest you to resolve this issue on your own. Because a small change can affect your entire HVAC system which will increase the cost of fixing. So, in this case, it’s better to call an HVAC technician.

Your thermostat is dusty or broken

A dirty thermostat can stop the temperature to reach the desired level. Check your thermostat clearly if it’s dirty or not. If your thermostat is not level, then it can give the wrong reading or will not maintain the temperature perfectly.

Solution: Clean your thermostat very carefully and see if it works. Thermostats are very sensitive and small damage can stop the thermostat to work properly. So, do it very carefully.

Your thermostat has loose wiring

Your thermostat is not reaching the set temperature because it might have loose wiring with the power outage. It can also be possible the your wire has been corroded. So, you have to check these things.

Solution: If your thermostat has loose wiring, then tight the wiring by calling a professional. It could be dangerous to do it on your own. Before you do it, make sure to switch down the main power supply.

Wrong location of the thermostat

Believe it or not but if your thermostat is not at the optimum location then it wouldn’t give you the correct reading and will never reach the set temperature. The wrong location could be near to the kitchen, furnace, or near to the AC room.

Solution: Place your thermostat at a location where it does not suffer extra heat or extra cold. Otherwise, it would always give you the wrong readings and will never reach the desired temperature. You can read this guide for the optimum placement of the thermostat.

Dysfunctional fan of the thermostat

The dysfunctional fan of the thermostat can cause the thermostat to not reach the desired temperature.

Solution: Always switch off the fan after 2 minutes of switching off the furnace. Otherwise, it will create a disbalance in temperature regulations.

Your thermostat has lost the power that it needs

Check the battery of the thermostat if it’s charged enough or not. Definitely, a low-charged battery will not be able to operate the thermostat properly.

Solution: Kindly check the battery and see if it’s charged. If it doesn’t, then simply change the battery.

Why is my house temperature not going down?

Most of the time, a clogged filter is the main cause. Also, the blocked condenser is also a reason for bad house temperature. So, clean your condenser to bypass the air properly.

What are the symptoms of a bad home thermostat?

There could be many symptoms of a bad thermostat. Some of them could be – HVAC keeps turning on or off, wrong thermostat reading, thermostat not reaching the set temperature, the thermostat is too old, etc.

How do I know if my thermostat is broken?

The most common way to check if your thermostat is broken is to check the display. If the display is unresponsive, it means the thermostat has either not charged or broken. The AC is not working, or it is not able to maintain the temperature.


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