There are so many people searching for “Big boss air fryer review“. I tried to find the reason – why people are searching for Big Boss Air Fryer?

I search almost everywhere – google, youtube, social media, users, and of course Amazon!

After reading all the possible articles, my research stops at amazon. More than 5,513 people rated it with an average rating of 4.4 stars!

That’s insanely amazing!

But, people are a little confused with this big boss oil less air fryer. People wants to know – cooking quality, body structure, performance, temperature regulations, durability, etc.

So, I decided to create a deep buying guide on Big boss air fryer

Big Boss Air Fryer

Big Boss Air Fryer


What’s bad about this airfryer?

Built Quality Is not much Impressive: We check this product and found that the built quality of this Big Boss Oil less Air Fryer is not very much awesome. Overall, it’s good but, the outer body is not very much stylish!

Problem with setting accurate temperature: While researching on this oil less air fryer, we found that it was not able to set the desired temperature.

Not much durable: Out of 5000 (approx.) customers around 2% complain that the product is not much durable. So, instead of focusing on “cheap” focus on “quality”.

Features of Big Boss air fryer

In this Big boss air fryer review we are now going to discuss about it’s features.

It comes with almost all the features that an air fryer should have. But still, we want to mention all the features so that you can buy a better air fryer.

Consumes less oil

This Big Boss air fryer consumes little to no oil. As doing workouts on an elliptical for better health is important, same way it’s is also important to have less oily food! This feature makes this air fryer a healthier option. It gives you the deep-fried taste without actually being deep-fried. After all, deep-fried foods are unhealthy for you!

All in one machine

There are people who are searching – “Is the Big Boss oil-less Fryer an air fryer?”. Big Boss oil-less air fryer is not just an air fryer but, it can also do a lot of other things. With a large temperature range from 180℉ to 400℉, it can air fry, bake, grill, roast, and toast. I know these are the features that most of the air fryers have but, in this price range, it’s awesome.

Powerful heating and 360° air convection system

The super hot rotating fan has the capacity to cook your food faster. The 360° air convection system makes sure that the food has been cooked properly. And, it speeds up the cooking process that allows you to save time.

Adjustable time and temperature

The big boss air fryer comes with an adjustable time and temperature feature. This feature allows you to adjust the cooking time and temperature for better results. You don’t have to monitor your cooking. Just set the timer and temperature and, leave it to the air fryer.

16 Quart size

Do you love to have dinner parties every week? Then, this air fryer will steal your heart. It comes with a 16-quart frying bowl which is perfect for 3-6 people in a family. Just take out your air fryer, adjust the time, temperature and enjoy yourself with your family.

Dishwasher friendly

The big boss air fryer comes with easy to remove, non-sticky frying basket. Simply, take out the frying basket and put it inside a dishwasher.

Over heating protection

The big boss air fryer has a special feature called “overheating protection”. This feature automatically shut-off the air fryer so that it doesn’t hurt your air fryer.

Big boss air fryer review – honest answer

Big Boss air fryer

Awesome product in the price range

After doing deep research on this air fryer I found some of the things that must be highlighted before you buy it. No doubt, the big boss air fryer has a large capacity, can cook multiple things from frying chickens to bake, grill, roast, and toast. It comes with a 360° air convection system that allows you to cook the food more efficiently. A lot of other things.

Being a cheap air fryer, it is able to provide you all the necessary features that a fryer must-have.

Built quality it is not much impressive

But, if you are a person who loves to have fancy products then, this is not for you. The body of the big boss air fryer is super ugly. The build quality is not the, best nor worse. It has a cheap built quality that will not live for years. Plus, the printing around the dial will come off very easily. So, you’ll have marked it on your own otherwise, you’ll have to guess the temperature.

Unable to set the temperature accurately

It has been seen on amazon reviews that this cheap air fryer was not able to set the temperature accurately. So, this might create a situation of overcooking or undercooking. This could be a serious problem for you if you are using the air fryer for the first time.

Big boss air fryer accessories are stainless steel

Here, it wins my heart!! This big boss air fryer comes with a lot of accessories. All of them were found to have stainless steel bodies. So, no doubt the accessories will live for years. The accessories are – Air fryer, stand, glass bowl, recipe book, trivets, mesh rack, lifting clamp, and extension ring.

Awesome cooking

Why are you buying an air fryer? Just because you love to cook and love to eat, right? So, this big boss air fryer will steal your heart. I was worried that will it be able to stand on my expectation with this price range? And, it was found to be awesome.

People said it cooked really well without any issue. If you are a foodies guy, this could be an awesome product for you. You can also try some big boss air fryer recipes at your home.

What’s my suggestion about the big boss air fryer review?

If you want to know my suggestion – “it’s an awesome air fryer with this price range”. Yeah, it has some problems with built quality and temperature. But, it can be ignored in front of its price, features, and cooking quality.

After buying an air fryer, what I all want is the awesome cooking result. And, it was able to win people’s hearts.

Always remember that every product has some issue, whatever the price is! If you’ll check other air fryers, it will have some other problems. But every product will have some problem! So, no one is 100% perfect. Go for it and buy it!

How to use big boss air fryer

Using an air fryer is very simple but bit confusing if you are going to use it for the first time. Many manufacturers recommend emptying the air fryer before we actually cook. If you are using it for the first time, you’ll get some chemical smells. But don’t worry, it would fade off in a minute or two.

If you have never used a fryer and going to use it for the first time so read “How to Use an Air Fryer“. The best way to understand the working and usage of an air fryer is the youtube channel. You’ll surely get some best videos that’ll help you to understand the air fryer otherwise you can also read the big boss air fryer manual.


Is the Big Boss oil less Fryer an air fryer?

Big boss oil-less air fryer is not just an air fryer but it can also allow you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast.

Can you use foil in big boss air fryer?

Yes, you can use any oven-safe pans, plates, tin foil, etc in big boss air fryer.

How to use big boss air fryer?

In order to use the big boss air fryer, you can see the big boss air fryer manual guide. This will surely help you to understand.

How many quarts is the big boss air fryer?

The Big Boss air fryer holds a capacity of 16-quart which is enough for a small family.

Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

Yes, but try to always avoid this situation.


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