You might be saying: “ugh….why is this ring doorbell flashing blue color?”

Nothing can be better than a Ring doorbell when it comes to video home security cameras. What do you think?

But sometimes, it flashes several messages on the screen by showing different colors and patterns.

Every color has a distinct meaning that your ring doorbell wants to tell you. But, sometimes, it becomes a headache when it keeps on flashing colors.

One such color is “ring doorbell flashing blue.” And, sometimes, the doorbell flashes a full blue circle.

If you are using a ring doorbell for the first time, it can make you feel irritating. And, you’ll be very confused with these kinds of indicators.

Here, we are going to see various causes and solutions of ring doorbell indicators. We will also see the meaning of various indicators.

So, keep scrolling and keep reading!

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Why is my ring doorbell flashing blue light?

ring doorbell flashing

Ring doorbell flashes different colors with different patterns like – solid color, light color, speed of blinking, etc.

Each color and pattern has a meaning that your doorbell wants to tell you.

Now, we are going to see different definitions of colors patterns in the ring doorbell.

Blue light off and on in one second

The moment you press the start button on your ring doorbell, it’ll flash blue color for a second and will fade off.

The quick on and off of blue light says your ring doorbell is starting up or in reboot mode.

It might take around 2-3 seconds to start properly.

Just after that, I’ll try to connect with your home wifi network, and the blue light will start moving in an upward direction.

Blue light flashes and moves the upward direction

Now, after your ring doorbell starts appropriately, it’ll try to connect with the wifi network of your home.

And the blue light will start moving in an upward direction.

So, keep your wifi on whenever you start your doorbell, so it doesn’t go through any error.

You can check how to connect ring doorbell to wifi with this simple link.

The upward movement of blue light should get stop in the next 1-2 minutes.

Now, the ring doorbell will flash blue color four times and then white light. It says your ring doorbell setup has been complete.

Ring doorbell flashes white color after blue color.

Once, your doorbell is connected to the wifi network. It will flash blue light four times, followed by white light.

This flashing of blue and white light indicates that the doorbell setup has been completed correctly.

Ring doorbell flashes blue at the top of the circle

If your ring doorbell is flashing blue color at the top of the circle, then the password entered on the ring application is wrong.

So, enter the correct password, and this indicator will get off.

This top blue light will get off once you enter the correct password.

ring doorbell flashing blue not spinning

When you see a ring doorbell flashing blue color, it means it’s charging.

The blue light will keep on filling the circle showing the level of charging. Once, it is fully charged, the blue light will stop flashing and will be solid blue(not flashing).

After a couple of minutes, the blue light will fade off once it’s fully charged.

The white spinning circle just after quick blue flashes

If you are trying to factory reset your ring doorbell, then you might see this kind of indication.

This series of lights says you have completed the factory reset on your ring doorbell and is now ready to restart your ring doorbell.

If it keeps on flashing this behavior, then your doorbell might have stuck into a reset loop.

At this time, you should call ring support.

Ring doorbell chime flashing blue light

Just like the ring doorbell, the blue light in Ring Chime informs you of the status of your Ring doorbell.

Ring chime can flash steady blue light, blink, or no light. Each condition shows different situations.

The steady blue light means your ring doorbell is working perfectly without any technical error.

If your ring doorbell chime is blinking blue light, it might be in setup mode, reboot mode, connecting to a wifi network, or getting an update.

If no light is flashing from the doorbell chime then, it is not receiving power. For this, check the charging level of the ring doorbell.

Ring doorbell spinning blue light

Whenever you press any button on the ring doorbell, it’ll flash blue light quickly.

It also flashes blue color when you’re receiving a call on your doorbell.

The solid blue color flashes on the ring doorbell

It means that two-way voice communication is going on. It indicates your ring doorbell speaker has been turned on and is ready to talk.

Ring doorbell spinning white light

Ring doorbell will flash spinning white light when it is unable to connect with the wifi network.

It wouldn’t be due to the wrong password, but due to no credentials. If it fails to connect with any wifi, then it’ll automatically stop after 10 minutes.

Ring doorbell flashing blue continuously, what should I do?

Ring doorbell flashes blue light mainly due to charging. This flashing should get stop as soon as your doorbell gets fully charged.

This process can take around 4-5 hours.

If still, blue light doesn’t stop then, some technical glitch needs to be figured out.

For this, we can take several actions to resolve this issue.

Let’s see them one by one.

Cut the power and restart it.

The best action you can take when blue light flashing doesn’t stop is to cut the power and reset your ring doorbell again.

A power cut will stop everything running behind the device and fix the continuous blue light flashing.

Kindly check your internet.

Please check your internet connectivity. Ring doorbell will keep flashing blue light when it’s not getting a good internet connection.

So, fixing your internet speed or connectivity may fix this error.

Reset your ring doorbell.

Factory reset of any device will bring it to the default setting. So, resetting your ring doorbell will surely bring it to the default setting.

Last but not least, contact ring support team

If none of the actions works for you, it’s better to call a technician or contact a ring support team.


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