Located less than 60 miles from downtown Hamilton in the Niagara Region, Welland is a cultural center; symbolic of Canada. This city is defined by its diversity and inclusiveness, hosting both numerous European ethnic groups and vibrant French-Canadian communities.

This city is known for how “green” and “in touch” with nature it is, boasting plenty of parks right within the town. Welland has also seen increasing growth in the housing market lately thanks to the variety it offers in terms of living options, as well as due to its low crime rate. It is therefore understandable why Welland homes are so popular with those looking to relocate, given that it is such a safe city that offers extraordinary opportunities.

Welland has a lot to offer and continues to be on the rise, having extraordinary potential for the future. Below you will see just a few of the reasons why Welland deserves to be in the top places to live in Canada!

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Geographically located in the heart of Niagara, Welland is close to key economic, industrial, and tourism points of interest in the region, making it very easy to commute. It is about half an hour’s drive from Niagara Falls and Port Colborne and less than an hour from Hamilton, which is very convenient if you want to enjoy the tranquility that Welland offers and the economic opportunities provided by major cities and tourist attractions it is a great place to check out.

Getting Around in Welland

Welland has long been known and is still referred to as the town where rails meet water. This is because the railways from southwestern Ontario and from Buffalo to Toronto that pass through Welland and the waterways of the Welland Canal played a decisive role in the economic and industrial development of the city. They are still operational and facilitate transportation in the area.

All of the roads leading from this city are very well connected. They are a significant advantage for residents who wish to commute in and around the Niagara Region and commuters who come to Welland daily. Welland is also on the route of some of the most convenient roadways in the region, making transit to and from the city extremely easy.

In terms of public transportation, it is operated by Welland Transit and has eight buses around the city. In addition to these, there are numerous other connecting routes between major cities in the area, such as Niagara Region Transit which oversees transportation between Welland, St. Catherines, and Niagara Falls. Since public transit is so well structured and organized, Welland residents can commute without needing their own car, thus saving money.

Education in Welland

Education in Welland takes place at the highest level, with students having multiple institutions to choose from depending on each individual’s needs. The school system is structured well as in the rest of the province of Ontario also, namely into four main boards: 

  • Niagara Catholic District School Board,
  • District School Board of Niagara,
  • Conseil scolaire Catholique MonAvenir, and the 
  • Conseil scolaire Viamonde.

In total, there are 18 primary schools and five secondary school options. In addition, Welland is home to one institution of higher education, Niagara College, which has its campus located at the north end of the city. Students who want to continue their studies at Brock University in St. Catherines have the option to commute right from Welland, thus saving money on accommodation.

The Community 

Perhaps one of the best aspects of living in Welland is the community. There is a tremendous diversity here, with an openness and warmth that is hard to find elsewhere. It is precisely this diversity that makes you feel at home and makes it easy to integrate into the community.

This city is perfect for families and young people looking for a quiet life, close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. In addition, the city is extremely safe, and the crime rate is very low. Welland was even ranked in 2021 by Macleans as having the 15th best community in all of Canada.

Things To Do in Welland

Welland offers a variety of activities that you can participate in to feel like you are part of the community. There are many community buildings within the town, such as the Welland Community Wellness Complex, as well as local organizations that constantly host activities for residents. Being part of a community has never been easier.

The town also has numerous parks, beaches and golf courses where you can relax at your leisure. There are also pubs and cafes in the city where you can have a fun night out with your friends. And the attractions don’t end there! Welland has a lot to offer for everyone!


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