Keeping your driveway safe is a top priority for most people, as it’s the entryway to your home and is how most criminals will try to access it. There is one way that can really help amp up the security of your driveway, and that’s with the installation of bollards. However, you might be concerned with how much they’ll cost you and if they’ll end up draining your bank accounts. So, keep reading and discover just how expensive bollards are to install.

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What Are Bollards? 

Bollards are sturdy pillars made normally from a type of strong metal, and they’re used to help prevent car theft from people’s drives or even garages. They can be used outside of the home too, and you’ll likely see them in parking lots to show designated spots to park.

However, more and more people are installing them at home as a security measure to keep their car protected. If you think about how much your car will have cost you, it seems silly to not have some form of protection for it, and bollards are the perfect choice.

You can get bollards that are removable or can fold down when needed so that you can get your car in and out of your drive with ease. As well as criminals, bollards also protect your car from damage from other vehicles. So, if someone swerves off the road and onto your drive, the bollard will prevent them from touching your car.  

How Are They Installed? 

Typically, bollards are installed into concrete as this makes them the sturdiest. You’ll need to decide where about you want them to be fitted beforehand, and you also have to make sure that the installation won’t disturb anything below the surface like pipes and wiring.

The installation will involve cutting out the space where they need to be fitted, placed inside, and then filled back in around the bollard so that it remains in place. The duration of the installation can take less than a day, but it’s the drying of the fresh concrete that will take the longest. This can take at least 48 hours, so don’t expect them to be ready to use on the same day. 

How Much Will It Cost? 

The costs will totally depend on the type of bollard that you choose. For instance, if you go for something that is moveable or runs on electricity to move up and down, you could be looking at a price of £200 per bollard at least. However, if you were to go for something like a standard concrete bollard installation, it could be £70 per bollard. But these prices don’t include the labour costs.

This is purely for the bollard itself, so you will be looking at a higher price when you add the labour cost onto it. Although you may think it’s slightly expensive, when comparing it to the price of your car, it’s only tiny in comparison. Your car would have cost you thousands, so spending a few hundred to make it safe and secure isn’t really that bad. 

Installing bollards to protect your car is one of the best things you can do to secure it and offer your home protection. Bollards can act like a deterrent too, as it shows you’ve already gone to some length of security measures. It makes criminals question what else you may have in place as well. So, while bollards aren’t the cheapest option, they definitely aren’t the most expensive.

And when it comes to keeping thieves away from your car, the price really seems insignificant. If you’re worried about your car, why not get some bollards installed? You’ll soon find that you sleep much better at night and can feel sure that when you wake up, your car will still be there.


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