In areas with drastic temperature fluctuations, an efficient heating system is not just a creature comfort but an issue of basic safety. Excessively high or low temperatures can pose a real danger to your loved ones. Such temperatures expose us to hazards such as heat strokes and susceptibility to flu bugs.

Hvac got fire

A defective heating system in the middle of a freezing winter is an absolute nightmare. What should you do if the system takes a sudden break when you need it most? Below are five situations that might make you seek an emergency Heating repair service.

1. Smoke or the Smell of Burning Material.

HVAC systems are always prone to fire accidents. Anytime you experience a severe burning smell emanating from your heating system or air conditioning unit, you should immediately switch off power from the main switch and contact an HVAC expert. 

Pressure can quickly push smoke throughout your home via air conditioning vents and ducts spread all over the house. If that happens, everyone in your house may develop breathing difficulties. A fire incident poses an even more significant risk since fires can spread through walls swiftly and unnoticed. It is always advisable to leave the premises and call the fire department immediately when you suspect a fire risk in your house. 

If the burning material smell disappears after a short while, you might not be dealing with a severe HVAC issue. The dust that accumulates in your heating system, mainly if you have not used the unit for a while, might produce a burning smell. You can fix the dust accumulation problem by changing the air filters. 

2. Your Heating System Makes Strange Noises.

Strange noises from your heating system can signal severe damage, which might worsen if left unattended. A typical heating system usually produces a consistent whirring sound when running. However, if the sounds become erratic and unfamiliar, it is time to call an HVAC expert for servicing before facing a costly replacement of your entire system.

3. Your Thermostat Refuses To Respond.

Your heating system thermostat may become unresponsive by getting stuck with an incorrect reading or refusing to respond to any input. Set your system to ‘auto” and ensure all your thermostat settings are correct. If all the settings are proper, you might be dealing with a more serious underlying problem that may leave you without heat sooner than you think. At this point, you have no option but to call an HVAC expert for emergency repair services. 

4. Cold Air Comes From Your Heating System. 

Your heating system blowing cold air into your house during a chilly winter is not one of the best experiences. If your unit does this for a while, it points to a severe malfunction that only an experienced professional can fix. 

5. You Smell Gas in Your House.

If your heating system uses gas, you must be aware of the risks involved. Anytime you smell sulfur or rotten eggs, you should immediately shut off the gas supply from its primary source and call an HVAC expert. Manufacturers always add mercaptan, a substance that smells like rotten eggs, to the gas used in the heating systems. The smelly substance acts as a quick warning for gas leakages. 


One of the above instances might lead to a breakdown of your HVAC system or even pose a serious risk to your family. Whenever you face such an emergency, you need to call a trusted HVAC expert as soon as possible to avert a potential crisis. 


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