Everything about the design and setting of your bedroom should support the primary purpose of a bedroom – to have a good quality sleep. Your physical and mental health depends on the quality of sleep you get. 

No surprise, therefore, that everyone invests in things that ensure a good quality night’s rest. These include your bedding, mattress, pillows, and curtains. The curtains keep the moon, stars, and streetlights out of your room and promote a good night’s sleep. This post will explain why you should choose blackout curtains for your bedroom.

Top Reasons to Consider Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom

Blackout curtains come with huge benefits when compared to regular curtains. For a start, they do a great job of keeping the light out. With such curtains, you never have to worry about outdoor light seeping in. You can also create the perfect ambiance for sleep, irrespective of the time of the day. Let us highlight the top reasons why blackout curtains are a great choice for any bedroom.

Absolute Light Control

Without a doubt, light control is the most important advantage of using blackout curtains. People dealing with light sensitivity can hardly get a good night’s sleep, no matter how tired they are. 

However, you can forget about insomnia with blackout drapes because you get to keep the lights out for good. These curtains are also great for those recuperating from a serious illness or surgery. 

They are also the perfect choice when you want to take a much-needed nap during the day. Nocturnes who work all night will also benefit from using blackout custom curtains to get their beauty sleep during the day. 

Provides Perfect Insulation

Blackout curtains come with special coatings that help lock out the hot air and trap the heat in the room. That means when it is scorching outside, you would not have to worry about sweating because your bedroom is insulated. When it is down to zero degrees outside, the curtains will keep heat trapped indoors, to get you through the night or day. 

Blocks out External Noise

If you live in a busy environment, you would agree that getting a good night’s sleep can be a big chore, especially with all the noise outside. The good news is that you can block out the noise with blackout window treatments. 

That is because they restrict the flow of outside noise from getting into your room. This ensures that your room is noise-free, making for a perfect sleeping space. Blackout drapes muffle harshness and echoes of sounds in homes, especially for homes with wooden flooring.

Improved Durability of Furniture and Furnishing

Blackout curtains keep the sunlight out. That means your furniture, carpets, upholstery, and fixtures are protected from the harmful UV rays of sunlight exposure. Therefore, the lifespan of your furniture and furnishing will increase and the fabrics of the drape will also benefit. 

The protective features of custom roman shades or curtains with blackout lining will keep their colors from getting faded and looking weathered.

Better Privacy

Blackout curtains provide better privacy for your bedroom, which is crucial to creating a comfortable and safe space. If you are a private person, you would surely not want to have prying eyes seeing your shadow through the windowpane as you move around in your home. 

If you live in a poke-nosed neighborhood, blackout window treatments can prevent many uncomfortable moments. That is because they conceal the view from your bedroom just as they conceal the outdoor views.

Saves you on Energy Cost

Windows are a major culprit for thermal energy loss in any room. You can reduce this with the right type of energy efficient window coverings, including high-quality blackout curtains. If you consider the amount of savings on your power bills when you do not have to put on the heater or cooler regularly, you will surely choose blackout curtains for your bedroom. 

Final Thoughts 

The good thing is that you can have cozy and attractive windows with blackout curtains. Gone are the days when blackout fabrics could only be drab and boring. Today, you will find stylish blackout curtains that you can pair with your interior décor to create something exquisite and stylish. 

Apart from the aesthetic benefits you get from blackout curtains, you also get some functional benefits alongside. Blackout window treatments help control outdoor light, block out external noise, and provide better insulation. They also extend the lifespan of your furniture and furnishings, improve the visual appeal of your space, and offer better privacy.


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