In 2012, over 2 million burglaries were recorded in the United States alone. So, you can well imagine the scenario in other parts of the world. According to FBI Reports (2012), one burglary occurs every 15 seconds, demonstrating how easy it is for criminals to get entry.

Strikingly enough, most of these burglaries are residential in nature, which means that home security is being compromised at a large scale today. Because of this, you should consider purchasing TBOTECH stun guns to ward off any potential burglars.

However, there are many high-, low- or no-cost precautions that can easily dissuade a would-be burglar from targeting your property.

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Secure the entries to your home 

Windows and doors are the most susceptible entrance to your house. Using sturdy deadbolt locks and securing windows can help prevent forced entry. You should, without fail, consider installing security cameras and motion sensors to monitor access to entries even while you are far from home.

Secure the doors

A burglar’s best friend is an unsecured door. In reality, around 30% of thieves enter through the front door. If you have slots for your mail, ensure that no one can open the door through the slot with your hand or any tool. Installing a peephole is another wonderful technique to boost your front door security – it allows you to observe unexpected guests and is significantly more safe than a glass window.

If you are living in a flat/apartment, get the best apartment door locks. Usage of deadbolts, smart locks, security bars, and strike plates can be used to further secure your door. Smart locks, video doorbells, and other such security devices are fantastic ways to provide extra security. 

Front Door

A hollow door is an open invitation to burglars and robbers as they can easily kick in and enter your house. A solid-core metal or sturdy wooden door offers more security than hollow frames. Although our traditional mindset makes us picture criminals methodically employing lock picks to gain entry through a door, they generally just use physical force. Consequently, you should strengthen your front door with a door reinforcement plate and a door jamb. These two are simple yet effective tools to boost your door security. These can be easily installed in no time. 

Sliding Door

Residents usually ignore the sliding doors while they are planning out home security. Securing sliding doors is as important as securing the main door. You can easily secure a sliding door with a safety bar. Sliding doors are popular among burglars because they often feature a weak latch that is insufficient to lock them firmly in place. Criminals can easily break the door with such weak latches. A foot lock or a floor bolt can be effective for further security.

Reinforcing window security

Burglars are always on the lookout for some mistakes that can make their break-in attempts easier. To prevent that, you need to ensure that your windows are safe, and make it a practice to lock them and check each window every time you leave the house and before going to bed.

Unfortunately, a window lock will not always suffice – latches are often flimsy and will not withstand physical force. Window security film and window bars can be used to strengthen the glass. Here are some tips to secure your windows:

  • Installing window sensors is a smart choice as it triggers an alarm whenever someone is trying to break through the window. If you are looking for Window Installation Bloomington IL.
  • If any motion is detected, a motion sensor will instantly send you a notification to your phone.
  • Install curtains to give seclusion and to keep your possessions out of sight.
  • Natural safeguards: Plant thorny shrubs under first-floor windows.
  • Stronger glass: There is an impact-resistant safety glass that you can install to prevent break-ins. This is useful for small windows that are rarely opened.
  • Don’t forget to secure your garage

The garage is the most ignored crucial entrance point that is easily susceptible to break-ins by burglars. The door’s fragility makes it easy to jam the latch and damage it, and it easily kicks the door in. Ensure to keep your garage door, latch and internal door shut at all times. 

Always park your vehicle inside your house premises. In case you have to park it outside due to lack of space, make sure that the garage door opener is not fastened inside the car. The simple click of a button allows burglars to shatter your window and enter your garage and your home.

Consider purchasing an automatic garage door that will automatically close the garage door once you have opened it from anywhere.

Security for new homes

Change your old locks

It is critical to change all locks when moving into a new property. Previous owners, as well as their family members and friends, and anybody who worked in the house, may have duplicate keys. You can ask your landlord to get new locks for your house if you are on rent. New, sturdy ones should replace all old, outdated locks. 

Home security system

This tool is for all, regardless of having an old or new house. You should install a security system that is easy to set up and does not cost a fortune. A security camera can either be installed as part of a larger security system or independently. 

CCTV cameras let you have live footage of your home at any time, so even when you are far away from home, you can check your premises. With the help of smart home automation features, you can create a timer to switch on lights at different times of the day, so your home never seems empty from the outside.

Some home security systems need expert installation. If you wish to eliminate wires, wireless security systems are also available.

Light your yard

Pockets in your house with less light can serve as a good hiding place for burglars and robbers. You should consider installing lights in your yards and along paths.

Yard lighting with motion sensors is a good preventive tool. These are very beneficial while on vacation. You can choose solar-powered alternatives for a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Street lighting: In general, thieves prefer to work on dim and less visible streets. Talk to authorities to add extra streetlights if your street is dimly lit. This improves visibility for both you and your neighbours.


Securing your property does not have to be a pain; it can be enjoyable, easy, and affordable. Simple yet effective measures such as protecting your windows and doors, talking to neighbours, keeping a pet dog, and developing a security strategy that the entire family can support may work wonders. It’s also a good idea to invest in a home security system. Installing a glass balustrade is another perfect way to keep raised areas safe. Whatever you decide, you will not be sorry for the safety and security that your house and family get. 


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