Keeping your AC in good shape is essential to a functional and comfortable home. It also saves you time, money, and stress later on. The hotter and extended the summer gets, the more critical it is to keep your air conditioning in check. The best way to prevent an AC  breakdown is to follow the set maintenance schedule and address issues fast. Here are some things you’ll learn when you check on Mister Quik Home Services website.

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A Broken Air Conditioner is an Expensive Problem To Have

Ignoring a broken air conditioner makes the problem deteriorate, requiring more money and attention. The system may even stop working, requiring a replacement. Frequent breakdowns mean more repairs forcing you to dig deeper into your pockets. Plus, the inconvenience of not having air conditioning when you need it most is stressful.

As you will realize, a broken air conditioner leads to hiked utility bills. This is because the unit has to work harder to perform as expected and takes longer to cool your home.

You’ll Save More Energy By Keeping Your System In Good Shape

If your AC isn’t running efficiently, it uses more energy than a newer, better system. Cleaning the coils, replacing the filter, and using the correct settings make your AC run more smoothly. It will keep the temperature in your house down more efficiently, meaning you’ll use less energy to cool a space. A clean AC will also not emit harmful gases and particles polluting the indoor air.

It’ll Be Easier To Spot Problems Before They Get Worse

Regularly checking your AC helps you spot issues before they get worse. Also, damage to the AC  could result in breathing in unhealthy chemicals. When you notice a problem, you’ll quickly find someone to fix it before it escalates. Keeping up with maintenance saves you money in the long run and protects your health.

Maintaining Your AC Will Extend Its Lifespan

The lifespan of your AC  depends on the model and how well you take care of it. To keep your AC running as long as possible, clean the coils and change filters every one to two months. Remember to follow the recommended service schedule. 

The exercise cleans, repairs, and replaces the mechanical parts enabling the unit to perform at its best. An efficient AC serves you longer, breaks down less often, and meets your home’s cooling demands. You won’t have to replace it often, which means more savings.

You’ll Protect The Environment

An efficient unit emits fewer fumes and dust particles. You’ll maintain a clean environment which is critical when concerned about allergies and indoor air quality. Note that a leaking refrigerant is harmful to your household and the environment. 

Scheduled maintenance takes care of any detected leaks preventing this problem. Also, because the unit lasts longer, you reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

It’s A Good Time To Do A Deep-Cleaning Of The Ducts

If you’ve been putting off cleaning the ducts, now is the perfect time to do it. While you have your AC uninstalled, give the inside of your ducts a deep clean. It will help your AC run more smoothly, meaning better and cleaner airflow.  What will the experts look for when maintaining your AC?

The Coils and Fan Blades for Damage

The coils distribute the air around your home, and they get dirty quickly if you don’t clean them often. Ensure the fan blades aren’t broken and the coils are not caked in dirt and debris. Dirty coils will reduce the efficiency of your AC, meaning it won’t be able to cool down your home as fast or effectively.

The Condenser Coil and Condensate Drain Pan

The condenser coil is what creates the cold air inside your home. It can’t do its job correctly when it’s blocked with dirt, leaves, and other debris. Ensure the drain pan is clean and clear of debris so that water doesn’t back into your house. If your AC is older, clean the coils more often to keep the efficiency up.

The Evaporator Coil and Drip Pan

Like the condenser coil, the evaporator coil creates cold air. Ensure it isn’t blocked with dirt and debris, and the drip pan below is clear for any excess water to drain correctly.

Check The Compressor and Sealant (If Applicable)

The compressor is what pumps the air throughout your AC. It must be in good shape to remain effective for long. When damaged, schedule repairs.

Check The Sealant Around Your AC To Make Sure It’s Intact

If your AC is older, it might have sealant around the bottom. This sealant cracks and deteriorates over time, making your AC lose efficiency. Replace it as soon as possible when broken or missing. If you don’t, the air will leak out, and the AC won’t have the power it needs to keep your home cool.

Regular Maintenance is Not Hectic

Regular maintenance is not as tedious or time-consuming as many think, especially when you work with a professional. Although you pay for the service, the exercise protects the unit preventing major breakdowns and more expenses. 


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