“I tried so many ways to unlock a deadbolt lock but, none of them working. How to unlock a deadbolt without a key? How to remove a locked deadbolt without key? What are the easiest ways to unlock?”

A deadbolt lock is also known as a deadlock because of its mechanism. This lock only opens with a key or handle.

While we lost the key, it become harder to open our door.

Are you facing a similar issue?

Don’t worry! You are on the right page.

This guide discusses how to unlock a deadbolt without a key with different tricks.

We will also discuss what to do if you get stuck inside or outside the room.

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How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key?

how to open a deadbolt lock without key

For removing the Deadbolt lock without a key, you get multiple options. So It depends on your present situation. If you are stuck inside of house, using bobby pins is the best option. Bring two pins and insert the one at the bottom of the lock. Now insert the second pin towards the top of the lock. After That, rotate the bottom hook and move the top pin accordingly. It will force the bolt to unlock.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Every step and solution are discussed below.

How to open a deadbolt lock with bobby pins?

unlock the door with bobby pins

This is the safest and quick option for unlocking a bolt lock if you get stuck inside the room.

However, we will give you a brief overview of the solutions. Just follow the below steps one by one.

  • Bring two bobby pins, each one should be 2cm long. It makes it easier to insert the pin into the keyhole. 
  • Make the pins clean by removing the rubber ball at the end (if any).
  • Now create a “L” shape by bending the one bobby stick or pin.
  • Keep the other stick unfolding. It ensures that the pin will go through the deadbolt hole and drag the lock’s clip.
  • Take the “L” shaped stick and insert it towards the lock hole (bottom part).
  • At the same time, insert your unfolding pin into the hole (upper part).
  • Then give sideways pressure by a folded pin.
  • Similarly, move the other pin accordingly with the same pressure.
  • Follow the process for certain (six) times until the inside clip move slightly.
  • If you succeed to move, then remove unfolded pin from the keyhole.
  • Now keep trying to rotate the keyhole until it unlocks (use L shaped).
  • While you open the deadlock clip, remove the bent pin.

Sometimes this process feels annoying but, you have to be patient enough. This method ensures the lock will be reusable.

Besides, it is a quick method anyone can apply if they lose the key.

You can also follow this method to Unlock a deadbolt with a Paperclip.

How to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver?

Locked from the inside of your room? Bring a screwdriver.

A screwdriver is the most convenient option to unlock a deadlock.

This tool is strong enough to rotate the internal lock clip easily. However, users should follow some processes while using this tool for unlocking deadlock.

#1: Bring an appropriate screwdriver

Not all shaped screws fit into the deadbolt keyhole. So before starting the process, keep in mind a few things.

  • Make sure the screwdriver is long enough to touch the deadbolt clip.
  • Thick tools easily enter the keyhole.
  • Bring a good grip screw that makes your job easier.
  • A screwdriver should be damage-free, thick, and strong enough to rotate the deadlock clip.
  • The tip of the driver should be flat.

#2 Insert the driver into the keyhole.

  • Enter the tool side by side towards deadlock
  • Ensure that the flat-edge touch the locking clip
  • Now slightly force upward so that the tumblers go up.

#3 Rotate the screwdriver clockwise

While everything is fitted into the lock hole, slightly force to rotate the deadlock.

If you failed in the first attempt, try again.

Keep the tumbler up so the locking clip can turn. Keep patients, try the process for specific times. Remove or drag the driver to restart the method.

How to open a Deadbolt Lock With A Credit Card?

unlock a deabolt with credit card

If you can’t find any bobby pins or screwdrivers, apply for a credit card to unlock the deadbolt.

Besides, you can also use a similar plastic card that is strong enough.

Now before starting, keep in mind a few things.

Credit cards can only unlock springing deadbolt locks. However, using a credit card for unlocking deadbolts is not easy.

You need to keep patience and steady your hand.

It is hard for anyone to open the door in the first attempt. So below is the step-by-step guide.

  • Bring a credit card or non-valuable plastic swipe boards like membership cards.
  • It is more helpful if the card is laminated. Indeed, this type of swipe board tends to be solid and flexible enough. 
  • Ensure the plastic card is long enough to touch the deadbolt’s latch.
  • Now insert the card side by side towards the door’s gap. In this part, your deadbolt latch is located that locks the door. 
  • Now shake and push the card to the keyhole while attaching the card tip with the latch.
  • Bend the credit card far from the deadbolt to open the latch.

Remember, this technique is only applicable to springing deadbolt locks with standard door knobs.

You can also follow this method to open a deadbolt lock with a knife.

But make sure there is a gap between the doors. Otherwise, you can not insert any tool to turn the deadbolt latch.

Unlock a deadbolt lock with a drill

unlock the deadbolt using drill

This should be your last method for unlocking a deadbolt lock.

Remember, drilling can damage the internal parts of your door lock. So it should only be used in emergencies.

Before drilling the lock, individuals should follow safety precautions.

  • Bring gloves and google first, it will prevent any damages due to drilling.
  • Now take a drilling machine that has well gripped.
  • Place a robust, lengthy and sharpened drill bit. So that it can be entered through the keyhole easily.
  • Make sure the bit is well attached to the machine.
  • Lubricant the top of the drill bit and the outer edge of the keyhole. It will reduce the friction that generates due to drilling.
  • Now gently insert the tip of the drill into the center of the keyhole.
  • Then turn on the switch and drill gently.
  • Keep slight pressure to push the bit into the keyhole.
  • After a few seconds of drilling, remove the machine and lubricant again.
  • Now repeat the process and slowly push the drill bit until locks trembles break and fall.
  • In the end, insert a screwdriver and turn the lock.

Practice lockpicking with the right tools

It’s annoying having to pick and lock your own door because you forgot to bring the keys when you went out. It’s even more of a challenge if you’re dealing with a deadbolt. But with the right tools and a little patience, you’ll soon be in the comforts of your home.

It’s not always that you have access to certain tools mentioned above. Credit cards, sure, but bobby bins and screwdrivers are not always readily available. Luckily, you can get lock pick sets made for beginners and keep them in your car or wallet. Now, you don’t have to worry about being locked out.


So this is a detailed guide about How to unlock a deadbolt without a key.

Here we informed multiple options to remove locks safely and in emergencies.

Remember, three deadbolts are primarily found in the market: single knob, double knob, and thumb-turn.

Bobby pins, paperclips, screwdrivers, and knives are the best tool to unlock the double knob and thumb turn deadlock.

In contrast, credit or any plastic cards are the best for Single knob locks.

Indeed, complex locks make it challenging to open without a key.

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