“I tried all the fixes but, still my Schlage turn lock feature not working. Now, what should I do? How do I enable Schlage turn lock? Why is my keypad lock door not working?”

If you are also under this kind of situation then, this article is for you.

Schlage lock is an excellent smart device for homeowners. This device works with a deadbolt or deadlock mechanism.

It ensures the door lock is durable and convenient for users.

Schlage bolts include a turn-lock feature that locks the deadbolt without entering any code. But sometimes, users complain that Schlage Turn Lock Feature is Not Working for them.

If you face a similar issue, then don’t worry. Making Few corrections in the Schlage lock prevents the problem.

But first, you need to know why Schlage smart lock is not working.

There are two primary reasons found in most cases: maybe the turn-lock feature is not enabled or there are functional issues like batteries going dead.

So if you find any of the above causes, try to solve them.

Read our step-by-step guide below about the Schlage smart lock troubleshooting for quick fixing.

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Why is My Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

Schlage lock

Before starting the fixing, you need to understand why Schlage Turn Lock Feature is not working.

As mentioned earlier, there are two primary reasons, Turn Lock Feature is not enabled, and batteries are running low or dead.

However, some other issues are also found against such errors. So followings are most common issues:

Disabled Turn Lock Feature

This could be the first reason why your Schlage key fob may not working.

However, this is not your fault. Schlage Lock comes with its default setting.

Users can turn on the Schlage keypad lock feature in most cases at the time of installation.

You need to enable this feature if it turned off due mistakenly.

So you can turn on the Schlage keypad deadbolt lock from settings.

It is simple to proceed. But how should you do it? Let’s discuss below.

How to enable Schlage Turn Lock Feature?

  • Enter your 6-digit program code by pressing the keypad.
  • Wait for a second until your Schlage button beeps and flashes bright red light three times.
  • After that, click the ‘Schlage’ button” again.
  • Now press keypad number 7.
  • Wait until Schlage button flashes green light and beep once.

It is a simple process to turn on the “thumbturn feature”.

Now you can lock the door from outside without entering the code.

For confirmation, close your door and press the ‘Schlage’ button”. Then rotate the “thumb-turn” clockwise.

Now, you’ll see the desired result which you are looking for.

That’s why developers call this process “lock and leave feature”.

Batteries running low or dead

If your Schlage Lock has too old, low or dead batteries then it’s common to get turn lock errors.

Generally, each Schlage lock includes three years’ lifespan batteries in it. After the duration, you need to replace batteries to avoid further issues.

However, you’ll keep getting reminders from the device after a certain period.

Schlage Turn Lock Feature is not working because it has been corroded.

Now, this is a rare case but happens with some users.

Generally, a Schlage Lock gives you an average seven years of lifespan. Still, it depends on your usage and the care of the device.

Sometimes, homeowners live near the beach where flowing air includes salt that damages hardware devices and leaves corrosion inside.

Maybe your Schlage lock faces a similar issue.

In this case, users should pursue crucial steps to prevent Corrosion problem in their devices.

Device May Damaged

This is the last reason why your Schlage thumbturn not working. Sometimes, our Schlage lock gets damaged due to any random reason.

However, we get a three years replacement warranty for damaged products. So you can claim it and bring a new Schlage lock as free replacement.

Important: Sometimes, Schlage Turn Lock Feature does not work after blinking green. It means you entered the correct user code and the lock flashes green. But, still the door doesn’t open, or the lock doesn’t work. This is the cause of poor installation. You need to contact Schlage support care or a locksmith in this case.

How To Reset The Schlage Turn Lock code?

As mentioned, users’ lock code in Schlage lock comes as a default setting. Thus, we need to reset the code as per our preference.

For this, pursue the below steps:

  • Start by pressing “Schlage button”.
  • Then enter your default user’s code.
  • Now tap “8” on the keypad.
  • An option will occur to create a new user code.
  • Select your desired code length 4-5-6 or 8 digits.
  • Re-enter your new code to confirm.
  • Wait a second until the Schlage button flashes green and beeps.
  • Now press Schlage button and number “1” in keypad.

It’s done; you can enter your new user code to lock and unlock the door.

How to change the batteries of the Schlage lock?

Remember, 9 volt AA alkaline batteries are the best suited for Schlage lock.

Besides, you need 4X batteries for the device.

So bring these power sources, then follow the below steps:

#1 step:  If your lock has a sliding battery back cover, remove it. Some Schlage locks back tighten with nuts. In this case, bring a mounting screw and remove the nuts.

#2 step: Put the cover in a secure place to use it again.

#3 step: politely remove your old batteries.

#4 step: bring your new alkaline batteries and place them as per the required position.

#5 step: Take your back cover and place it correctly.

You’re done, now turn on the lock and wait for the green signal.

How to clean the Schlage Lock at home?

Users who have crossed the warranty period can follow this process to remove the corrosion. But, you should maintain some safety rules before cleaning the device.

  • Before cleaning, take off the Schlage lock from your door.
  • Do not clean or soak the keypad.
  • Use only mild soap detergent.
  • Do not spray on your smart lock.

Now follow the process below:

  1. ake ½ cup mild detergent and small tub of water.
  2. Now Mix it well.
  3. Take a clean cloth and gently wipe the device without touching the keypad.
  4. Wait a while and wipe the surface against until no detergent is left.
  5. Take a white towel and dry the device immediately.

For more info you can visit Schlage official site to read their smart lock cleaning guide.


So these are the reasons why your Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working. Now you know how to lock Schlage keypad & thumbturn easily.

As a reminder, first, check if the turn feature is enabled or not. Then ensure the battery quality, corrosion, and damage issues.

Now, remind our guide quickly whenever you see Schlage keypad lock won’t lock or Turn Lock Feature is not working.


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