“Oh no, it’s been a day and my blink camera blinking red. Why is my blink camera flashing red? Now, what should I do?”

Blink Camera is a small but valuable device for homeowners. Thus, we try to keep it safe from difficulties.

But sometimes, our blink camera flashes red light continuously.

We know there is something wrong with our device. Still, we don’t identify the real cause of red light on blink cameras.

Indeed, we get two reasons from the developers.

Maybe our blink camera isn’t connected, or the batteries are running low.

So if you found similar issues, follow a few a step by step tutorial to stop flashing your blink camera.

But first, let’s know the meaning of Blink camera indicators.

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Blink camera blinking Red, Blue & Green.

Blink Camera blinking red

If your blink camera blinking red so, bad internet connection or low battery are not always the problem.

There are multiple flashing signals you get from a blink camera.

Sometimes it turns red, sometimes green and blue. Each flashing sign means different reasons.

Suppose your blink camera blinks solid red 5 or 6 times. It means your device’s batteries are running low”.

Thus, check your AA 1.5 volt Lithium batteries and ensure they are working efficiently.

If your blink camera flashes red light frequently for a short period, it means there is an internet issue”. 

“If the flashing color is green, it means the device found a local IP address”.

A local connection that doesn’t have running the internet. So make sure your internet is running.

Lastly comes blue light in the blinking camera.

This signal occurs when your blink camera is online. Now it is ready to capture surrounding movements.

Reasons Why Your Blink Camera Flashing red. How do I turn off the red flashing light on my camera?

However, we already mentioned the main reasons behind Blink Camera flashing Red causes.

Maybe it has a lack of connection or a low battery issue.

But as honest reviewers, we make sure our readers get detailed knowledge from our site.

So below is the reason why we discuss the red light blinking again.

Sometimes, a flashing red light appears while setting up the blinking camera. This blinking continues quickly and short until an appropriate connection is found.

However, it turns green to solid blue light when everything is done.

So if you are a new customer who is worried about such flashing, don’t worry. It will go normal after a complete setup.

But if you see a sudden red light on your blinking camera, check the internet and batteries first.

You need to follow the pattern of red light. If the flashing is short, quick, and frequent, it means a connection issue.

But if your blink camera flashes solid red slowly for specific times, immediately check your batteries.

After that, you should check some other possible reasons. The followings are:

  • Your current Setting trigger the Red light flashing
  • The motion detector may not be working properly
  • Your blink camera needs a reset

Okay! So how should you fix the flashing red light?

How To Fix Blink Camera Blinking Red problem: Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT, and, blink XT2 security camera?

It doesn’t matter whether you use blink mini, Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT, and blink XT2 security cameras.

The problem is similar while the red light is flashing in the camera.

So follow a few steps and get rid of this problem.

Check internet connection

When you try to set up the blink outdoor camera, it flashes red light continuously. This indicator reflects that the device is missing from an internet connection.

Thus, you should check your connection first.

Besides, you also ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is appropriate to your device.

Blink developers recommend pursuing high-speed internet only.

A potent network that gives 2MBPS upload speed is minimum required. It helps the outdoor camera to record and deliver plays efficiently.

However, sometimes our outdoor blink camera occurs with frequent disconnection. In this case, keep the device closer to your Wifi-router.

When everything is done well, the device will convert solid red flash into green and solid blue.

Insert Fresh Batteries

Suppose you connect the blink camera with an appropriate Wi-Fi router.

Now it starts recording until blue light goes out and turns flashing red.

You will see the device blink solid red light for a certain period and then disappear suddenly.

This blinking indicates that the barriers are running low or dead.

Now you know the real cause of this specific red light pattern.

  • AA Lithium batteries are the best for these blink cameras (non-rechargeable)
  • Bring fresh batteries while you install the camera
  • Note down the lifespan of your batteries

You should pursue monthly maintenance of your blink camera and batteries. It will help to prevent difficulties in advance.

Check your camera setting.

Sometimes your blink camera flashes red LED light due to motion detection.

In most cases, this flashing comes as blue, but few cameras also include red.

You can turn on or off this indicator from the camera setting.

Some users turn off this light and make the device unnoticed by others.

For turning it off, go to the back of your camera. Close to the serial number, you notice “REC LED” with two options, “ON/OFF.” Bring a tweezer and turn it ON or OFF.

Make Sure motion detector Working

It is rare but happens to most users.

Sometimes, your blink camera does not detect the motions and indicates Red LED flashing.

If you see such activities, contact experts right after.

Contact Customer care

After pursuing all steps we discussed above, wait for 120 minutes.

Still, if you see no positive response or red flashing doesn’t disappear, contact with blink support care immediately.

So above are the most common reasons and solutions for a red light on blink cameras.

How To Reset The Blink Security Camera?

While you are using an indoor, outdoor, XT, or XT2 blink camera, it doesn’t matter. All these devices require a sync module to reset.

The sync module is a small signal delivering tool between a blink camera to Wi-Fi router. Besides, it is an effective tool that quickly connects with different models of blink.

That’s how you can easily reset the whole system by using a sync module.

Now reset the sync device by pressing the down button for a while. Generally, you’ll find this button on the right side of the modules (near the USB port). You need to use a thin item that quickly goes through the hole. Now leave the button when the “blink camera” indicates a red LED. That’s how your device goes, ready to reconnect with the blink app and start recording.

However, the blink mini includes a built-in reset button. Hence, you can operate the device without a sync module.

Lastly, the ideal time to press the reset button is 30 seconds.

However, a red light will appear within the duration, and then you can safely come out.

What to do when blink camera won’t responding?

Sometimes, our blink camera won’t respond while we try to connect.

This can be a technical fault or poor internet connection. In this case, the blink app sends messages like “Camera Busy” or “Thumbnail Failed.”

Don’t worry; there are simple solutions to the problem.

Follow your traditional mobile repairing methods when it hangs.

It means reset, switching off, removing batteries, enabling airplane mode, etc.

Follow same steps for blink cameras also.

So the followings are:

  • Turn power cycle for both device and your router.
  • Remove batteries from your camera and check it.
  • Now wait for 30 – 60 seconds.
  • Then plug in back your camera and wait for 2 minutes.
  • Within a period, your device restored the internet connection.
  • If there have no technical issue, your blink camera will start working.

First, check your intranet connection if there are any issues. After confirmation, reconnect your camera and wait for 2 minutes.

If the device turns red to solid blue, it is okay. If not, contact support care.

How to change the network and location of blink camera?

For changing the blink camera’s network and location, make sure you installed the blink application. After the confirmation, follow the few below steps:

  • Open blink app.
  • Now tap on the gear icon ( found in the bottom row of your app ).
  • Click on “account setting.”
  • Find the name of your system and tap.
  • Here you get the sync module option. Click here.
  • Now you drive to the status screen page.
  • Click on “Change Wi-Fi Network,” and you are done.


So these are the detailed guides of Blink Camera Blinking Red causes and solutions.

Now you know that blink camera red light means two possible reasons. The first one is the lack of internet and the second is low or dead batteries.

Besides, there are a few other possible reasons also behind those two. Maybe, there are technical faults or setting issues and others.

That’s all now; we hope you get a detailed answer to all your questions.


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