Top Interior Design Trends to Know About for 2023

Now that we’re into a new year, you may be thinking about upgrading your home over the coming 12 months. If so, it helps to keep a close eye on interior design trends so you …

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Now that we’re into a new year, you may be thinking about upgrading your home over the coming 12 months. If so, it helps to keep a close eye on interior design trends so you can get inspiration, ideas, and tips to help you make your home fresher and more modern in the future

Learn about some key interior design trends making their presence known for 2023.

Vibrant Color Palettes

vibrant color for walls

For starters, there’s more use of vibrant color palettes in decorating these days. Perhaps helping to signal a move on from the harshness of the global pandemic, look-at-me shades in cheerful hues are being found in accents, fittings, fixtures, furnishings, and more. If you like your home to feel expressive and fresh or are just sick of an all-white décor or the use of too many other neutrals, you’ll enjoy the warmth, contrast, and dimension that a broader range of shades can bring. 

You might like to buy some rugs, pillows, and glassware in warm chestnut or happy marigold hues, pick out furnishings in some rich russets or zesty orange flavors, or add calming coral tones to your walls or flooring, among other things. 

Soft Gold

soft gold ideas for living room

While sparkly metallics have been popular in recent years, manufacturers and designers are now more keen on incorporating soft golds into interior design. These gentle choices are more earthy and neutral and give a warm and organic interpretation of typical metallics. Think of these shades as having the rich golden hue humans have appreciated for millennia, combined with the more grounded tones of sandy beaches at sunset or striking desert landscapes. 

You might like to bring this trend to your home by choosing some artwork or area rugs with golden hues, wallpaper in this color palette, or even picking out an elegant ceiling fan with lights for your bedroom or living room that gives a little subdued shine to the space. 

Wellness Design

healthy ideas for living room

Another trend undoubtedly influenced by the pandemic is the focus on self-care and health and wellness. In recent years, these things have all been hot topics, especially as so many of us looked for ways to deal with the stress of world events and get rid of the extra weight put on during lockdowns. This trend is now moving to home design, too. 

People are increasingly looking for ways to create living environments geared to help them become fit and healthy and lead positive, well lives. This is showcased by the integration of specific meditation, stretching, and workout areas in homes, the use of calming colors to promote mindfulness and relaxation, and wellness-focused bathrooms or the addition of steam rooms and saunas. 

Many designers are also paying attention to the Welse term “cwtch,” which translates to “cuddle.” We can create a cozy, cuddly look and feel by using lots of soft-to-the-touch throws and pillows, watching roaring fires in fireplaces (or even on tech look-alike screens), and snuggling up on comfortable couches. Using lots of candles and lighting with dimmer switches can also help you create a hug-like vibe at home. 

Master Craftsmanship

craftsman living room ideas

In 2023, there’s likely to be even more of a revolt against mass production than we’ve seen over recent years. With shipping causing so many issues for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and customers, and long wait times for materials and goods of all types, it’s not surprising that people are turning more to locally-made items made with a strong eye for detail, sustainability, and longevity. 

Consumers are saying no to lots of goods in their homes that heavily use fossil-fuel and petroleum-based materials, as well as virgin plastics. Today, luxury is more natural and understated, with interesting flaws giving pieces more individualism. 

To get in on this trend, look for products that demonstrate master craftsmanship with specialized touches such as hand-hewn or inlay details, clever designs, hand-looming and stitching, and other reverential and disciplined handiwork. 

Morphing Biophilia

biophilia ideas for living room

Biophilia, the human instinct to connect with nature and other living things, has been a hugely trending term and decorating style of impact in the last few years. Undoubtedly spurred on by the global pandemic, too, where so many of us were confined to our homes for periods and unable to be out in nature as usual, the biophilia focus has led to a focus on incorporating as many plants as possible in design. This has included statement indoor plants, botanical patterns on wallpaper, rugs, accessories, and more, and the use of lots of greens and blues in color palettes.

In 2023, while biophilia still has a strong presence in our homes, it’s morphing a little. Rather than being so drawn to lush landscape ideals, today’s nature-based designs are turning to irregular and imperfect outdoor environments. For example, designers are using more raw, unfinished textures and turning to desert landscapes and minerals for color palette choices. 

Furthermore, manufacturing brands are starting to develop groundbreaking fabrics that integrate natural fibers (like orange skins, rose stems, clay, kelp, and fungi) and ideas taken from permaculture, biodiversity, and the studying of insects and other creatures. 

Multifunctional Home Design

smart home ideas

In 2023, we’ll also see more multifunctional home design supported. People will set themselves up with bespoke interiors that suit how they live and work and play at home, allowing them to get their needs met without even having to leave their property. Well-organized places with flexible spaces and built-in amenities will be popular this year and beyond. 

Many consumers are purchasing convertible furniture (such as coffee tables that can rise for use as desks), setting up luxurious gaming and media rooms, adding saunas and hot tubs, creating Zen gardens, and using bookshelves, rugs, drapes, and more to separate open-concept areas into different spaces for different uses. Also on trend is the use of built-ins and other storage space to optimize and better organize living rooms. 

Other trends worth knowing about right now include the widespread use of sage green, more focus on alcoves and niches, and a “dark academia” aesthetic that involves lots of dark-toned wood and wall paint, uses of leather, and accessories giving a nod to study, such as books, globes, etc. 

Consider all these trends and more as you prepare to update your property over the coming months. 

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